Holiday Gift Guide for Twins–Double the Fun & Style!

Twins can be described in many different catch phrases including “doubly blessed” and “double trouble.”  Hopefully these gift suggestions will make holiday shopping for twins feel “double the fun” and twice the ease.  After all, the best things in life come in pairs.

Twin Boy & Girl Baby Gift – Organic Stuffed Animals  (Regular price: $44.95; On sale for $30.00 a pair)

Andi, a stunning purple, baby hippo and Fred, a fuzzy monkey, were created to be hugged. Your twins will love the funny faces and soft, cuddly feel of these new friends. These stuffed animals are made from all natural materials including organic cotton and plant and mineral dyes. Each MiYim collectable is housed in a signature gift box, made with recycled paper. Once it arrives, open the box and you can personalize the gift with a signature gift tag, included on the stuffed animal. Baby Andi and Fred measure about 9” tall.


Older & Wiser Pacifier & Younger & Cuter Pacifier ($4.95 each)

They may only be minutes apart, but the older is wiser, and the younger.. cuter! Or…are they both wise and cute? These fun pacifiers are made
of non-toxic, hygienically formed, natural bite-resistant materials designed to form naturally in the mouth, satisfying babies’ need for supplemental sucking and providing parents with peace of mind. Meet or exceeds all safety standards.  Free protective cap for each pacifier.  Suitable for ages 3-36 months.  Made of silicone.

Copy/Paste Onesie Set for Twins  ($22.00 for both onesies)

As even the youngest computer user knows, the way to make a duplicate of something is to copy and paste. OK we know that’s not where twins come from, but it’s such a funny concept on a pair of onesies for twins. Parents, please rotate the shirts between the siblings so no one can figure out who came out first! Makes an hysterical Baby Shower gift for the Mother who has a super big twin filled belly. Fits 0-3, but generously sized so will fit up to 6 months. 100% cotton.

“Born Together, Friends Forever!” ($36.99) plush animal and clothing sets for twin babies and toddlers.  Each set comes with your choice of a plush twin animal pair along with coordinating prints on your choice of 2 T-shirts or 2 one pieces.  Animal pairs stand approximately 6″ tall and can be separated so each twin has their own to play with.  The prints read, “Born Together, Friends Forever!”.  Each set is adorably presented in a sheer organza bag.  Exclusively available at Trends in Twos.

Fill the nursery library with books made for two.  Stories like Margaret O’Hair’s Twin to Twin ($13) are perfect for stocking the shelves.

Remember its all about double the pleasure!

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