Holiday Gift Idea #1: Fisher Price Kid Tough DVD Player

The holidays are right around the corner!  We know that there are some early holiday shoppers out there!  To help everyone with their holiday lists, we are going to share some great gift ideas from now until the week of Christmas.  Some of the items will be hot holiday toys, some will be classics that will stand the test of time.  We’ll spotlight gifts for baby, kids, moms, dads, maybe even a few for grandma and grandpa.

Our first Holiday Gift Idea is a Hot Holiday Toy by Fisher Price.

Fisher Price Kid Tough DVD Player:

I was super excited, yet skeptical, about the new Fisher Price Kid Tough DVD Player. Knowing that portable

DVD players break if you look at them the wrong way (we’ve gone through 3), I was ready to find one that didn’t. Leave it to Fisher Price to design one that my 3 year old could drop over and over and over again and keep working! That’s exactly what they did when they introduced their Kid Tough DVD Player.

This DVD player is fantastic!!! It’s heavy duty and made to withstand a lot of abuse. The player is surrounded by a rubber material that is able to protect the player from all the rough play plus makes it very easy for little hands to hold it.

The color LCD screen size is 3.2″, which isn’t huge but acceptable, and has simple controls that make it very easy for children to use. Our 3 year old testers had the controls figured out in minutes. There is also a handle for kids to carry or hold the player while they watch movies or they can use the legs on the back of the unit for hands-free viewing.

We were pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal picture and sound. The Kid Tough DVD Player also features a digital anti-skip and shock protection. So, on a bumpy car ride or just in the hands of your unpredictable preschooler, the dvd keeps playing. We are happy that the player also plays CDs which is a great for our little music lovers.

The unit comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Our one and only complaint with the DVD player is the battery life. The battery runs for only a short 2 hours which could pose a problem on a long car ride. Luckily, if you buy the additional car adapter that plugs into the DV power socket in your vehicle (which we highly recommend), you won’t have to worry about a dead battery. With such a short battery though, you may find yourself with a dead DVD player in the most inopportune times if you don’t have access to a power source. To make this player even better, Fisher Price should include a battery with a longer run time.

The controls are very easy for a preschooler to work and there are even parental controls. These parental controls can only be accessed by quickly pressing and holding both the home and stop buttons at the same time just after turning the player on while the Fisher-Price logo is still on the screen. The parental controls allow mom or dad to change things such as screen saver, language, brightness, contrast etc.

Another great feature of the DVD player is that with an AV cable that is sold separately, the player can be plugged into the audio and video input jacks of a regular television to allow your child to watch their movies through their own DVD player. We use this feature a lot at grandma’s house.

With such a short battery life, we are at least happy that Fisher Price gave us a warning light when the battery is dying. A flashing LED light on the left side of the player indicates when battery power is low or the product is charging with the player power off. The LED light will start flashing when there is approximately 10 minutes left of battery. This gives us enough time to find the power cords, find a new activity, or at least warn our preschooler before the player shuts down.

With fabulous durability, great picture and sound, and the ability to play CDs and hook up to a regular television, we think the Fisher Price Kid Tough DVD Player is a fabulous gadget for your preschooler! Retailing at $149, it’s not the cheapest gift you’ll buy, but we definitely think it’s worth it to be able to withstand the abuse from a preschooler.

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