Holiday Gift Idea #102: CEIVA Frame and PicturePlan

Holiday Gift Idea #102:  CEIVA Frame and PicturePlan

Holiday Gift Idea #102:  CEIVA Frame and PicturePlanIf you are looking for a gift idea for your mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, or yourself, you must consider a Ceiva frame.   Baby Gizmo Gift idea #102:  CEIVA Frame and PicturePlan

My mom has had a Ceiva frame for 6+ years and she loves it!  We cannot say enough good things about these frames!

The Ceiva Digital Photo Frames are not just like all the memory card reading frames you see in the stores.  Those frames have to be updated by the owner of the frame.  Those frame owners have to use a computer to save the photos onto the memory card and then insert the memory card into frame to see anything new.  Not only do they have to remember to do this all the time if they want the frame updated, but not a great idea for non-computer savvy people.  You know even if grandma is computer savvy she is never going to update that frame!  Or worse, every time you stop by to visit your job will be updating the photo frame!  Not a good idea!

But the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame is totally different!!  It’s a frame that others can share photos with you!  Plus, there is no computer (or internet) needed for the owner of this frame to get new pictures every day!  Since the Ceiva frames are connected digital photo frames, it does require a paid PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service though.  When you purchase a frame it comes with a 1 year PicturePlan Service.  After that first year, it’s about $6.95/month for that service.  It might sound pricey, but it’s totally worth it.  This service allows the frame to receive photos automatically with your high speed internet service or an ordinary phone line. Remember you don’t have to have internet for the frame to work because a phone line is just fine!  You can receive photos sent from the web, Facebook, camera phones, and more.

So how does it work?  You connect the frame by phone line, wi-fi or broadband.  My mom’s frame is connected to the phone line by her kitchen counter.  The set-up is completely easy and painless.  If you have any trouble whatsoever – the customer service at Ceiva is FANTASTIC!

Holiday Gift Idea #102:  CEIVA Frame and PicturePlanOnce the frame is set-up, anyone can send photos straight to the frame if they are invited as your guests. All CEIVA frames come with unlimited free guest invitations to send to friends and family.  That means that you can send each person that you would like to share photos with you an invitation to set-up an account online.  Your guests can then send photos in a variety of ways:  from the CEIVA website, from a desktop, from an email address, camera phone or smart phone!  We are talking about sending photos to the frame from anywhere in the world!

My mom has many, many grandchildren with even more on the way!  And I admit it – we all suck at printing pictures and sending her updates on the kids!  Her Ceiva frame is a brilliant way for each child to send current pictures of the grandchildren to her frame quickly and easily.  Beware, you may get the occasional “I need more pictures on my frame from you.  Your brother updated it!” from grandma though if you aren’t uploading enough on the frame!  Each morning, the new photos that were uploaded the day before will automatically appear on her frame.  Depending on what frame you have, 40-60 photos will rotate each day.  So, if 10 new ones were uploaded – it will take down 10 of the current showings and replace with the new photos.  If all her children are slacking and not uploading photos daily?  No problem because the frame will start to circulate some of the older photos that were previously uploaded with her new photos on the frame just to keep her from looking at the same 40-60 photos all the time. (This is an option that can be turned off though!)

To make it more fun, you can also choose to have different channels appear on your frame.  Ceiva currently has 14 different channels from weather to sports to news to choose from.  If you choose the weather channel, the current weather will appear on your frame in the place of one photo.  If you choose to display 10 channels, it will take the place of 10 photos and so forth.

I’m telling you that I adore these frames!  When I visit either my mom or mother-in-law (yep, last year’s Christmas gift from us!), I find myself leaning on the kitchen counter and just staring at the photos.  It’s just too fun!

Plus, the quality of the photos on the frame is superb!  Well, that is if your brother doesn’t upload crappy, out-of-focus photos to the frame.  The frame doesn’t perform miracles in that instance!

Holiday Gift Idea #102:  CEIVA Frame and PicturePlanRight now, Ceiva is offering two 8-inch models of frames:  the CEIVAshare which receives 40 new photos/day and has an 800 x 600 resolution for $99.95 or the CEIVA Pro 80 which receives 60 new photos/day and has a 640×480 resolution for $119.95.  Both include a including a 1 year PicturePlan and a Lifetime CEIVA warranty.  If your frame breaks for any reason, CEIVA will repair or replace it for free.



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