Holiday Gift Idea: Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Pony

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony

After the popularity of the Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra, they have introduced a similar version that has added some interactive learning for your little bouncer. The Smart Bounce & Spin Pony is a plastic ride on pony that is mounted on a large, sturdy base. We found the base is weighted and sturdy enough to withstand even our 3 year old testers. There is no knocking over this pony! Plus, talk about durable! One of our 3 ½ year old testers really put this pony to the test with his out of control bouncing and spinning. And to our surprise, the toy is still good as new.

With a recommended age range of 12 months to 3 years old, we found that like the Zebra, the toy is not suitable for most children under 16 months. Younger toddlers aren’t steady enough to get on and off unassisted and are not strong enough to make the toy bounce, which can be frustrating for baby. Yet, we found that once a child reaches about 16 months, they absolutely love to make this pony bounce and spin!

The Smart Bounce and Spin Pony is a learning toy that encourages physical movement while wirelessly interacting with the TV. Baby interacts by bouncing up and down and spinning a roller ball on the handle bar. Sound effects, music and animations respond to your child’s movements as she plays.

This toy introduces active learning, cause and effect, develops problem-solving skills, and enhances memory skills and following directions.

Setting up the TV portion of this toy was very easy. You just plug in the receiver into your TV’s audio/video input jacks, point it in the direction of the pony (we found it works great with the pony 3-12 feet away) and let the interactive play begin. Your little rider can bounce and spin to interact with the video. Loaded with animation, music, sounds, characters and sing-along songs, your toddlers will enjoy saddling up to this interactive learning toy.

The Smart Bounce & Spin Pony has 3 levels to grow with baby as well as five learning locations that include: A to Z Zoo; Count & Grow Farm; Colorful Home; Shapes at Shore; and Opposites Playground. The levels and learning locations can be selected by an adult using buttons on the receiver.

Level 1 teaches the youngest riders (16-20 months) about action and reaction. With each bounce or spin of the roller, something happens onscreen. For example, in A to Z Zoo Level 1, each bounce makes a different animal appear onscreen. You hear the appropriate animal sound and the name of the animal. The spinner plays a variety of songs such as ABCs and Pop Goes the Weasel.

Level 2 introduces toddlers (18-24 months) to letters, numbers, shapes, opposites and colors. For example, one of the features in Opposites Playground Level 2 is a puppy goes up the slide and then down the slide as your child bounces. The handlebar spinner changes the weather in this particular scene.

Level 3 is more active learning for older toddlers (24-36 months). This level focuses on word recognition, counting, comparisons, kinds of weather and more. For example, in Count and Grow Farm Level 3, animals jump over hurdles marked with a consecutive number while your child counts along. The spinner will change the animal that is jumping.

While some of our testers really enjoyed the interactive option of the pony, other testers did not. They just weren’t that interested. No worries though! Similar to the zebra, little ones can play with the pony without the TV part. All you have to do is switch the pony to “stand alone mode” and your child can bounce and spin to the pony’s own music and sound effects.

We love that Fisher Price allows us to turn off the music on the TV portion as well as on the pony itself during those times when a little quiet is needed. Don’t expect a lot of quiet though because as your child bounces more and more you may hear laughter and squeals of delight even with the music off.

We found the Smart Bounce & Spin Pony to be a fun and interactive toy for our toddlers. Our little tester cowboys and cowgirls really enjoyed the pony, some with the TV interaction and some with just the pony. All our testers over 16 months had no problem getting on and off the pony and were easily able to make it bounce and spin. Remember though, we don’t think this is a good toy for under 16 months. Not a great 1st Birthday present because it will sit in the corner for months before the child can actually use it. We think the perfect age for this item as a gift is between 18 months-2 ½ years!

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