Holiday Gift Idea: Fix It Right Manny’s Repair Shop

HandyMannyHave a child that likes to fix things or loves tools?  A tool bench featuring Disney’s beloved character Handy Manny may be the perfect holiday gift for your little fix-it guy!  The new Fix It Right Manny’s Repair Shop features Manny along with his two friends, Pat the Hammer and Felipe the Screwdriver to help your child build and fix things just like Manny does on the hit Handy Manny show.

Your child can grab the blueprints, choose one of the 20 projects and slide the blueprint into the diagnostic center.  After the blueprint is in place, Manny will walk them through the steps to complete the project.  Building a birdhouse, a treasure chest, tool box or race car with the over 40 included parts are only a few of the projects for building fun. There is also a play power saw and a play power drill to use with the projects that will randomly “break down” and Manny will ask your child to fix that as well.  The fix-it fun is endless on this Repair Shop!

Overall, this is a fabulous toy for your little fix-it guy and the ultimate Handy Manny toy!

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