Holiday Gift Idea: Parents Bristle Blocks Twirlie Tots

Parents Bristle Blocks Twirlie Tots (Review by Paulina Kasmer)

These are so fun.  They are made of a flexible plastic spikes that fit easily into each other – in order to create fun objects (really).  The blocks come in several different forms and shapes as well as fun pieces that twirl and spin.

We bought this toy for our 3 year old daughter.  She loves to sit and play with these.  It is so fun to watch her create cars, castles, gardens, carousels, etc. with her imagination.  Actually, I should admit that it is fun to help her do these – when she asks to play a game I secretly hope she picks the Bristle Blocks.

These blocks are also a friend favorite.  When her friends come over these are what they want to play with.  I have even watched two three year olds and an eight year old play for over an hour with these.  They were a great venue for letting the little ones play with the older siblings and for the older kids to teach the little ones.

This is a great toy – in our household they have proven to be fun for all ages.  We love that they foster imagination and creativity.  If you are in search for a great educational toy that fosters creativity this is the block set for you! 

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