Holiday Gift Idea: Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

Wheely BugA Wheely Great Ride On!

We too, saw this in the store window before we actually tested it out. It was a very beautiful product, but so trimmed down, devoid of bells, whistles, flashing lights and hidden compartments, that we weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

“What does a toddler actually do on it?” we wondered. Sure, they rode it, but then what? No buttons to push, no horn to blow. No plastic mail to sort or shapes to hide.

And then we handed it to a 2-year-old. And were reintroduced to the joys of childhood.

Like the proverbial box toys come in that children end up loving more than the toy, the Wheely Bug’s appeal is that it is so simple and uncomplicated. It allows a child to use their imagination, to move like they’ve never moved before. They add their own sound effects. They make their own fun.

Our children loved their hideous plastic ride on toys, so we begrudingly loved them too. But once the Wheely Bug was introduced to our household, we realized the noise and nonsense of those toys disguised what was really poor design. Most ride ons have clunky, fixed wheels that scratch hard wood floors and point in only one direction: straight. Small children shove and push them with great might into a wall, and then cry because they are stuck. Not fun for them, not fun for us.

Distributed by Prince Lionheart, the Wheely Bug has 4 pairs of wheels on independent casters that willingly spin 360-degrees with hardly a touch. The only way to describe the amazing freedom of movement they allow is to imagine bouncing down the hall on your office chair, spinning this way and that. Add a high pitched squeal of delight, and you’ve got a Wheely Bug rider.

The Wheely Bug has also become one of our favorite baby products of all time because it is so beautiful. There’s something about the contoured design, the bright colors and the overall aesthetic goodness that makes me happy every time I see it out of the corner of my eye. Most of my kids’ plastic toys make me cringe. The Wheely Bug makes my heart do a little jig.

Each Wheely Bug is hand crafted with a PVC-free polyurethane that’s as soft as leather, a smooth wooden base made from renewable plantation timber, and a rust-proof aluminum padded handle.

The seat is padded, and designed so that it practically begs to be sat upon. And surprisingly, the entire Wheely Bug will hold up to a 5-year-old. In fact, it’s our 5-year-old we can’t get off it. Most of our plastic toys start to buckle under the weight of our 3-year-olds. A well-made toy that lasts for 4 years is a bargain in our book!

The Wheely Bug glides silently, and can be used indoors and out. There are 3 adorable designs – a ladybug, cow and bumble bee – available in two sizes: small and large.

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