Holiday Gift Idea: Skip Hop Palette Plate

If you have a picky toddler at your dinner table, then the Skip Hop Palette Plate might be the answer for you! In the shape of a painter palette, this plate will appeal to the most finicky kids!  There is a main serving bowl and three drop-in bowls, each in a different color, that are microwave safe and fit right into the Palette Plate for easy serving.  Each bowl even has a clear, snap on cover for easy refrigerator storage of leftovers.  The Palette Plate even includes a special skid-resistant area for a cup, matching utensils, and a skid resistant base.

Our three year old was not the best dinner mate until we got her a “special painter’s plate”.  She is now excited at mealtime and anxious to see what we put in each of her little bowls.  The only drawback is that you should expect your kid to demand a little something in each bowl or they won’t be happy.  No worries though – if we didn’t have 4 different things, we just split up the amount into separate bowls and she was happy.  The Skip Hop Palette retails for an expensive $28 but now that my daughter actually eats what we give her (most of the time) we think it’s completely worth it!

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