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Hooray for Bottombumpers Cloth Diapers!

I have been cloth diapering my daughter since she was 7 months old, when she got a bad case of diaper rash using disposables. The diaper rash spurred me to make a trip to my local cloth diaper store, where the ladies were very patient with my many questions. I had been interested in cloth but thought I needed to be “brave” to make the jump. Turns out, you don’t need to be brave, just do a little research and off you go!

I get asked a lot- what cloth diapers should I buy? This is like asking what pair of shoes I recommend. Babies come in different shapes and sizes, and some moms prefer pockets diapers, all-in-ones, sized, one size, it really is up to you to choose what works.

Saying that, Bottombumpers is a brand I absolutely love and I have often suggested them to others. I have no affiliation to the brand whatsoever- I’ve never even won one of their free diapers on Facebook, and they do giveaways quite often!

Why do I love them? They are, by far, the trimmest cloth diapers I have ever seen. Add to that their super high absorbancy, the fact that I’ve had no leaks with them, and that they come in a range of gorgeous colors makes them a great diaper in my opinion! An added bonus is that they come with various embroderies on the back, which you can view here, and you can even get them customized to your own taste with your baby’s name! So not only are these adorable, but they are the best daytime/naptime option  from my current experience.

Made here in the U.S.A, Bottombumpers diapers come in two parts- the outer, waterproof shell and the snap-in soaker. The outer layer is constructed of a waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) knit outer, which is super soft and stretchy. The diaper linings are certified 100% organic cotton and so is the snap-in soaker. On top of the soakers are a high quality organic bamboo velour, so it’s very soft against baby’s skin, and they snap into the diaper but of course the snaps are hidden so they don’t touch your baby. So all you do is snap in the soaker and you’re good to go!

They come with side snaps

Or aplix (velcro)

I prefer side snap diapers, and Bottombumpers hide the front snaps so they’re not near the child’s waist. They come in a one size (grows with your baby), or in various sizes depending on the height and weight of your baby. The side-snapping size medium is designed for children weighing 14 to 30 pounds and I’ve had my daughter in them for the past 8 months! They still look and feel like new after being washed every 2 days, which shows how much care has gone into the design.

They claim on their website: “Our diapers have been tested and will withstand 16oz+ before leaking.  Testing was done on a diaper with no added doubler that was well broken in by being used and washed for 4 months!”

I have other brands of cloth diapers and I am always worried about leaks, but not with Bottombumpers. The important thing is that once you put the diaper on your baby, be sure to check that the inner white lining is all tucked away nicely, so all you see is the waterproof shell. This should keep you leak free.

Some examples of embroidered Bottombumpers

If you have any questions, visit their website at

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