Hop a Ride with the Kid-Sit (VIDEO)

If you have a toddler and a baby, there are times that the older one doesn’t want to ride in a double stroller but is too tired to stand on a ride-on board either. Sure, you could get a sit-and-stand type of stroller but let’s say you already have a single stroller that you absolutely love? What’s a mom to do?

One answer would be to pick up a Kid-Sit from the new-to-the-US Dutch company, Kleine Dreumes.

The Kid-Sit is a spin on the traditional buggy board by letting kids sit or stand on an easy to put on and remove stroller board. The unique design makes it fun for toddlers to catch a ride. Now, toddlers have a choice to sit or stand on the back of their baby sibling’s stroller.

The board is easy to attach to a stroller’s horizontal rear axle with two locking straps and can be hooked up against the back of the stroller when not in use (as long as the stroller brake does not get in the way!).

The only caveat of the Kid-Sit is that while it works with many strollers it ONLY works with ones that have a horizontal rear axle bar. That is that straight bar in the back that usually connects the rear wheels. If your stroller has an arched rear bar (to accommodate long strides) the Kid-Sit will not work. That is UNLESS you get the Kid-Sit Adapter Kit for an additional $29 that allows it to attach to strollers without that rear horizontal axle.

The Kid-Sit is suitable for children aged approximately 18 months to 4 years old with a maximum weight of 40 lbs.

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