Hottest Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are among my favorite celebrations. They’re always joyous and sweet occasions. Typical gifts usually include traditional layette sets, diapers, and bedding. I definitely found these gifts helpful and was thankful but I will always remember the really unusual gifts. The ones that made a big splash. If the mom to be is a close friend or family member whose style I am familiar with I like to choose a really unique yet helpful gifts.

Here are some of my current favorite ideas:

Blooming Bath

I cannot get over how incredibly adorable and ingenious this product is. I remember how scared I was of bathing my baby when he was brand new. This cuddly little baby bath is perfect for an anxious new mom. It is so cozy and soft unlike the hard plastic baby tubs of the past. It also looks great gift wrapped. Definitely a head turner.


Not all babies enjoy being swaddled but this gift is still worth buying. The SwaddleMe is inexpensive and well built. Even if the new mama doesn’t use it with her first child she might with her next. It even works as an extra burp cloth. They present well too if you fold up a few and add them to a little basket along with your card and some chocolates. A simple gift that might get her some much needed sleep if her baby enjoys being swaddled.

Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag

I haven’t yet met a woman that didn’t love these gorgeous diaper bags. They have a style and type for every mother to be out there. The bags are chic and well designed. They are very roomy with plenty of space for diapers and more depending on the style you choose. These look great with just about any stroller or purse. Not your typical diaper bag but always a crowd pleaser.

Mamma Mio Pregnancy Products

Mamma Mio isn’t cheap but is worth every penny. When mama to be is feeling like a beluga, has non stop heartburn, and can no longer sleep, a quick rub down with any of the pregnancy line products is sure to make things better. These products smell terrific and truly deliver. I used the Boob Tube religiously and am happy I did. I remember the crazy pregnancy itching like it was yesterday. It was the only thing that would soothe my skin and didn’t revolt me with an overpowering scent. Mamma Mio is pampering for mamas to be when they most need it.

What are your favorite baby shower gifts?