Hottest Toys for Kids in 2016 (Toy Fair Videos)

Hottest Toys for Kids in 2016

hot toys 2016

If you have been browsing our Baby Gizmo YouTube Channel recently (of course you have been, right?!?), you may have thought that it has been hijacked by kids posting countless videos of the hottest new toys that are coming out this year.

Yep, this is kind of true. We went to the biggest toy tradeshow of the year (Toy Fair) last week in New York and scouted out all the coolest toys for kids that you (and your kids!) are going to want to know about for 2016. We are talking about Thomas the Train, Barbie (yes, there is a NEW Barbie Dreamhouse!), Hasbro, Fisher-Price, FurReal Pets, ShopkinsElmo, American Girl, Star Wars, Lego, Playmobil and more! Many of them are not in stores YET but they are coming and we have all the sneak peeks and information that you’ll need.

Does this mean that we’ve abandoned baby gear, travel and recipes? Heck no! That is what we are known for and that will never go away! We didn’t become the #1 Baby Gear YouTube Channel in the world for nothing! 🙂 But since we do cover toys for kids, we wanted to share with you all the great new toys that are coming. It’s kind of like we took you with us inside the trade-only (not open to the public!) Toy Fair and let you walk around and see everything that is awesome. Except your feet won’t hurt, you didn’t have to endure the zero degree FREEZING temperature and you get to see everything in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home! Win-win.

So, bear with us while we finish our HOT TOYS FOR 2016 Coverage on our YouTube channel this week and we’ll be right back to business as usual with baby gear, travel, recipes and parenting tips next week!

In the meantime, watch the toy videos. Have your kids watch them! Hey, they can start making their holiday wish lists early? Or they can just impress their friends at school when they have the inside scoop on the hottest toys? Seriously, we are showcasing only the most fun toys that are going to be hits next holiday season and you’ll be the coolest parent on the block when you know in advance! We covered toys for boys, girls, toddlers, babies…you name it! We have it!

So, get to watching and we’ll be back to our regular programming next week!

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