How Do You Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits & Veggies? (VIDEO)


This past Friday I attended an event for Voots® Fruit-Veggie Tarts to help introduce parents of Chi-Town to the awesomeness of these kids supplements that are made from 11 real fruits and veggies. The greatest thing about Voots® Veggie-Fruit Tarts is that they contain real apples, cranberries, oranges, prunes, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchinis and green beans, which are blended with Vitamin C and other ingredients to be an added bonus to your child’s healthy diet.

Since Voots® supplements are just that, a supplement and not a substitute for healthy eating, we still want to get our kids to eat as many fruits and veggies that they can so they can grow up big and strong. While I was at the event, I had the pleasure of asking parents to share tips and creative ways on how they get their kids to eat fruits and veggies. We talked to so many parents and got so many great answers!

Many parents (and kids!) were even kind enough to actually talk to me on camera, so we put together a little video of our favorites.


*Please note that I am a paid spokesperson for Voots® Veggie-Fruit Tarts.