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  1. I was very similar to Holly. Used to be a ballet dancer and was wearing size 26 skinny jeans and working out 4x’s a week to stay that size. I continued to work out atleast 3 days a week (was the super pregnant lady freaking people out on the elliptical and in the weight room). By 7 months my belly was so big everyone thought I was due any day and I still had 2 months to go! By 9 months people were asking me if I was having twins. I think since I was so petite my belly just looked huge compared to the rest of me.

    Anyhow ended up gaining about 35-40 lbs even though I was working out and eating healthy (focusing on lots of veggies, whole grains, fish/chicken). Had a c-section, baby was 8 lbs 1oz and about 1 month post birth it seemed like I had net gained 15 lbs with the baby that I had to lose. Finally 9 months post baby, after working out 4x’s a week, breast feeding until I went dry and doing some juice cleanses I am very close to my pre baby weight. But boy has it been though!

    All in all though I look at my stretch marks & c-section scar with a bit of pride though. It was all worth it x’s 100 for my amazing and precious baby boy!

  2. Loved this post. I shared it on facebook 🙂 – you look beautiful in both pics btw, but totally understand everything you mentioned! I remember with my 1st, I lost all my baby weight by like 2 mo PP – yet my jeans would not fit! my hips grew… finally i gave in and got new jeans and felt much better, yet oddly enough at 1 year PP my hips went back and stayed that way thru 2 more kids – which was nice 🙂 – but im pregnant with baby #4 and I joke this one will do me in good :)- im also 8 years older than i was when I had my 1st born. That makes a huge difference too!

    But def staying active and eating healthy is key to eventually getting back into shape, even if its not the “exact” shape you use to be 🙂

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