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How My Pregnancy Expectations Were a Bit Off

I have been a complete workout freak…ummm, fanatic… since my days as a teen gymnast. I was the kid who woke up at 6am to run before school. Whether it was smart or not, I went through phases where I ate very little in high school (think a diet of jello and apples) all in an effort to lose weight and fit the image of your typical gymnast. Sure, I had the muscle but I also was a little stockier than my stick thin gymnast friends I longed to look like. I even had a coach that sat me down when I was 16 in the prime of my attempt to live on jello and apples alone and tell me that I needed to drop some poundage. I can still hear the conversation in my head and I remember thinking “how can I eat any less than I already eat?”

This gymnast phase of my life started a life-long (at least so far!) obsession with staying in shape. I can’t remember a time in my adult life that I have gone more than a week without some form of formal exercise – hitting the gym, running or doing a workout video.

Fast forward 12 years from my days as a gymnast and you’d find a panicked, newly pregnant mama-to-be. Was I panicked about being a mom? Kind of. Was I panicked about giving birth? Hellz yeah, but that is a completely different post. One of the things I was most panicked about was gaining weight though. In my head, I was about to undo everything I had done in the past 15 to keep in shape in the matter of 9 short months.

What the hell was I going to do?

I knew starving myself was not an option. I was panicked but not an idiot. I knew I was going to do what was best for my baby no matter what I did even if it did mean gaining weight.

I decided that I would continue my workout regimen throughout my pregnancy as best I could but I would listen extra close to m body. How hard could that be, right?!? I thought I would hit the gym and run my usual routes up until giving birth. No biggie. I told my sister that I’d be back in my skinny jeans right after having a baby and I really believed that. Those cute capris that hung on my hips would fit the next summer, I was sure of it. My sister smirked and said “sure, go for that.”

I was in shape. I was a workout junkie. I could do a little old pregnancy and stay in shape. Pow!

That is until I was about 6 months pregnant and I unexpectedly found myself out of breath climbing a set of 6 stairs.

Seriously, SIX stairs?!? That is all it takes? No one told me about this? Heavy breathing after six stairs?? Maybe I wasn’t in that good of shape after all, I would tell myself. Crap!

I just kept at it. Eating heathy but definitely enough to nourish my unborn baby. I exercised 4-5 times a week. That is easy to do when you have no other kids to tend to. I was that 8 1/2 month pregnant lady walking on the treadmill. Sure, I was huffing and puffing but I was staying active.

I was very proud to have gained a very respectable 25 lbs by the time I had the baby. I figured that weight would literally melt away since the baby was going to be…what 15-16 lbs of that weight? (yep, delusional me!)…and breast feeding would tackle the rest in a matter of weeks.

Doesn’t that sound sweet? Yeah, that fantasy ended the day I went home from the hospital with my sweet baby girl still looking 7 months pregnant.

Really?!? That baby was out and the big belly was still there. Not cool! And to make matters worse having a c-section prevented me from exercising for 8 weeks…not that I had the energy anyway.

Why didn’t anyone pull me aside pre-baby and tell me that I would still look pregnant after the baby? Is there a conspiracy among moms not to reveal this to expectant moms. The celebrities bounced back!! People Magazine wouldn’t lie to me! They are my friends! 🙂

After reality set in, I realized it was all okay. I had a beautiful baby and it was worth the extra jiggle, flabby skin and not fitting in my skinny jeans. I was in the Mom Club and THAT was worth it.

I didn’t succumb to just being that way but I didn’t beat myself up when the weight didn’t melt off. I started exercising and Weight Watchers after my doctor gave me the go-ahead. Eventually I did lose the baby weight. I didn’t break any speed records but I was looking more like myself by 6-9 months post-partum. That was okay to me. I was exercising. I was eating healthy (well, healthy as I could…I still enjoyed my desserts from time to time). I was healthy…a little squishier than before…but healthy. And my daughter was perfect! It was all worth it.

So, whether you are an expected mama worried about gaining weight or a new mom that is a little squishier than you were before, let me tell you, it’s all okay! We all go through it and eventually you’ll look like you again. Maybe it will be a more “mom-looking” you, but that precious baby that you did it for makes it all worth it.

I wrote this post about my first pregnancy experience to help celebrate the release of the new film WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING.

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Fitness guru Jules (Cameron Diaz), is a hard-working and active mom- just like Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Jules balances a high-octane celebrity lifestyle that gets turned upside down by the demands of pregnancy and a new baby. Check out this kaleidoscopic comedy, coming to a theater near you May 18th.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Lionsgate via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lionsgate.

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Monday 7th of May 2012

I was very similar to Holly. Used to be a ballet dancer and was wearing size 26 skinny jeans and working out 4x's a week to stay that size. I continued to work out atleast 3 days a week (was the super pregnant lady freaking people out on the elliptical and in the weight room). By 7 months my belly was so big everyone thought I was due any day and I still had 2 months to go! By 9 months people were asking me if I was having twins. I think since I was so petite my belly just looked huge compared to the rest of me.

Anyhow ended up gaining about 35-40 lbs even though I was working out and eating healthy (focusing on lots of veggies, whole grains, fish/chicken). Had a c-section, baby was 8 lbs 1oz and about 1 month post birth it seemed like I had net gained 15 lbs with the baby that I had to lose. Finally 9 months post baby, after working out 4x's a week, breast feeding until I went dry and doing some juice cleanses I am very close to my pre baby weight. But boy has it been though!

All in all though I look at my stretch marks & c-section scar with a bit of pride though. It was all worth it x's 100 for my amazing and precious baby boy!


Sunday 6th of May 2012

Love your pics....super cute:-)


Sunday 6th of May 2012

Loved this post. I shared it on facebook :) - you look beautiful in both pics btw, but totally understand everything you mentioned! I remember with my 1st, I lost all my baby weight by like 2 mo PP - yet my jeans would not fit! my hips grew... finally i gave in and got new jeans and felt much better, yet oddly enough at 1 year PP my hips went back and stayed that way thru 2 more kids - which was nice :) - but im pregnant with baby #4 and I joke this one will do me in good :)- im also 8 years older than i was when I had my 1st born. That makes a huge difference too!

But def staying active and eating healthy is key to eventually getting back into shape, even if its not the "exact" shape you use to be :)

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