How to be a pregnant maid of honor

Okay, today’s post is something different. Today, I’m talking to pregnant maids of honor. I speak as a former matron of honor. I graduated in the class of 10′. (I’m kidding about the class part.)

I was the matron (I hate that title) of honor at my sister’s wedding when I was seven months pregnant. In my role, I made a lot of mistakes. I wore a mustard tent with an elastic waist down the aisle. I ditched some pictures by pulling the “I’m a pregnant woman” card, and I was kind of difficult.

So, that you won’t be me, I wanted to share some things that you can do to be a great maid of honor without a) going insane or b) driving the bride insane (which is easier than the former).

Okay, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Think about your dress sooner rather than later. While your size will change throughout your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to pin down a designer, color, and design that you think will be most flattering to your pregnant body and that will work with what the other bridesmaids are wearing. Do not buy your dress online without first trying it on in person! Okay, that’s harsh. If you do buy online, buy in advance, way in advance. Trust me on this one!

2. Plan to find a seamstress. No matter what, you will need a seamstress to adjust your dress to fit you perfectly. You’ll need a good seamstress, someone with experience with working with pregnant bodies. Have someone picked out, tell her your deal, and plan to get your dress altered, at the most, two weeks before the wedding.

3. Be your own best advocate, but don’t be a diva. I know. Being pregnant is such a delicate time, with hormones and entitlement going on. But it’s important to remember that this is not your wedding. If you think your pregnancy will stand in the way of your being a maid of honor, tell the bride.

4. Get two pairs of comfortable shoes. Even if accommodations can be made for you during the ceremony, comfortable shoes are imperative. I like the idea of having two shoes available, a heel for pictures and walking down the aisle and a pair of (sexy looking) flats to be worn during the reception.

5. Test out your makeup and hair a week before the wedding. When deciding on hair and makeup, remember to go with styles that look great on you as a pregnant mom. This may be the same as what looked great on you before pregnancy, or it may not. And that’s why doing a test-run is so important. This way there will be less surprises on wedding day.

Now go have fun being the maid (or matron) of honor.