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  1. We love taking the ATV’s out during the summer. They open up all the streets up here to all ATV’s. It’s so much fun.

  2. Favorite activity is going home to my small hometown and getting away from the big city. I visit my parents and grandfather, celebrate a cluster of family birthdays at the beginning of July, and go down to the beach to watch the fireworks show. It is always the best part of my year.

  3. When my son was little, we loved taking walks along the river. He loved throwing sticks and rocks in, was his favorite place! 🙂

  4. We love to swim and the neighborhood pool and visit the area splash pads! When it gets too HOT in Texas we go to the mall to play at their indoor playground.
    Great tips!

  5. I love family vacation! We took a trip to Gatlinburg TN this summer, it was our first vacation as a family of 5! We had a great time.

  6. Our favorite summer activity is having lots of outdoor waterfun. We put up a pool for the kiddos while dad Barbques is usually a tradition, Or outdoor grilling. This year we are doing a pool & slip n slide kids are super excited to try it out! Also sprinklers and water balloons are always fun as well. Thank you for the tips & good luck everyone

  7. My favorite summer activity is reading on the beach! I also love playing with my son in the pool.

  8. Just getting Outside! Moving around and playing all sorts of new games, walking, swimming, BBQing, and just front porch sitting!!

  9. My favorite summer activity is camping at the beach in our RV. We camp at Jetty Park, Port Canaveral once a month. It is so much fun.

  10. We like going to Grandma’s house to swim in her pool or to go to the beach to dip our toes in the ocean. Summer fun means water and time outdoors.

  11. Favorite summer activity is spending the day at the lake! with friends/family. good food and lots of swimming!

  12. My favorite summertime activity of all is camping at the river, just so much fun and a great way to get away.

  13. We LOVE the beach! It’s so much fun to get out and explore the water with Dr. Smith’s in tow for those rash emergencies!

  14. We basically spend the whole summer in the water. It doesn’t stay hot here very long but when it’s hot it’s really hot.

  15. you have been building up about them for awhile, i love their stuff. we are going to be trying a lot of different brands once lil man arrives and this is definetly on the list with babyganics, the honest company and earth mama angel baby or whatever it is ha

  16. Favorite summer activity is getting to spend time as a family exploring new places or going on local adventures. My husband is a teacher and while he does summer school for extra money we still get to see him lots!

  17. We really like having picnics in the park. Nice to find a shady spot and enjoy eating outdoors.

  18. We love going to the beach and camping there or just spending the day being tourists. Thankfully we dont live too far from the beach so we can play all day and still sleep in our comfy beds. We look forward to summer all year long.

  19. The spray is great! Would be better as a pump ONLY so it could be left in the car without fear of it exploding in the heat.

  20. We just moved to the coast so our favorite activity is hitting up that beach! We love building sand castles and running into the ocean every few minutes to cool off!

  21. We have a new baby grandson due next month, yep, visiting him will by my favorite summer activity this year!

  22. We have two fav activities! One is going to the beach and the other is camping! We love to be outdoors and spend as much time outside as possible during the summer months.

  23. We love anywhere that has water so we can keep cool. It’s so hot in Texas that you are either inside with the ac or outside in the pool.

  24. Our favorite summer activity is going to the beach!! We all love the ocean but a lake or pool will do too!!

  25. We went to the splash pad a few weeks ago, and plan on doing a few other water-related trips this summer. I want to go to Legoland, the San Diego Safari Park, and Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

  26. We have a park close by that we love to go to and play then have a picnic. fun times I am graetful for every hint and tip that is passed my way!

  27. Every summer I try to make it to another state, I love exploring each one going to their famous parks and historical far I’ve been to 20!

  28. My family and I love to go camping on the river during the summer months. We love playing in and on the water.

  29. My favorite Summertime activity is going swimming with the kids at the pool or lake. We love also going to the Water Park to ride the rides and have fun!

  30. Our favorite summer activity is playing tennis together as a family! It’s great exercise and we just love the sport of tennis!

  31. Our favorite summer activity is the local parks and forests. Fun to have days were we just enjoy the outdoors, maybe have a picnic.

  32. Thanks for another great opportunity! Love the tips. I use them for every day diapering not just diaper rash season, so let’s hope it stays away!

  33. Good advice. I like giving the kids some diaper free time even though sometimes it does end up I a little mess. But no one wants a rash.

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