How to Buy a Double Stroller

Double strollers

Double strollers

It’s time to tackle the double stroller category in our Baby Gizmo video series “How to Buy a Stroller.” Whether you are having twins or your second, third or fourth+ child, a double stroller is a necessity for getting around with two babes in tow. With twice the size and features, there are many things to consider when picking out the best double stroller for your family.

In today’s episode, we explain the different types and highlight various things that you need to think about when shopping for a double buggy.

Don’t forget to join us next Tuesday, March 3, at 9am EST for Part 5 when we take a look at the sport category.

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  1. HI
    I am having twins, and I love this Britax but worries me the fact that I can only accommodate one car seat. Are these strollers safe to put a baby without the car seat when they are newborn and small??? My first time on this so please help

  2. Thanks for the information, But I have one question about the sit and stand stroller, if you have healthy kids I mean bit heavy weight kids than their age is it okay to buy the sit and stand stroller for them?

  3. Hello! I am wondering the same thing as many of the ladies above. My son is VERY tall and weighs 30 pounds at 22 months. We have another boy on the way and would like to get a stroller that we can get a few years out of…I love the double city select, but my son is already too tall for the seat. Any insight is appreciated!

    Thank you,


  4. I am wondering the same as the two previous comments. I have a tall almost 4yo and a new 8 week old. I only had a Bob Revolution w/ our 4yo but I am trying to decide what to do now. I know I would love a lighter, more compact stroller. Also, I feel my 4yo will want to ride occasionally. I do not know if I get something like a B-Agile and the attachable board for standing or go w/ a double, though my older daughter may only fit in it for another year or two? I have not seen a review on buggie boards to make a sit and stand for possibly this situation. Any advise? Will taller kids fit under the handle bars of the strollers when using a buggie board? Joovy also makes a buggie board and could attach to the Scooter 2014?

  5. Hello! My older daughter is super tall. She will be almost 3 when my second child is born. We do a lot of walking around the city of Chicago so I want a double stroller. Do you have any recommendations of which double stroller will work for a tall child? Ideally I would like to avoid a side by side stroller.

    Thanks so much!

  6. Can you do a comparison on convertible strollers, My daughter will be two and a half when my son is born so I don’t really feel like I always need a double stroller or am I wrong to think this?


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