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  1. I just went the denial route. He’s tried several times to give up the nap and I’ve refused to believe it. So, I do what Angel’s suggesting, do as many active things as I can fit in during the morning- errands, park time, run/climb/jump/dance and then as soon as we get home we tidy up/clean/cook/eat followed by reading in the hopes that this will all tire him enough to sleep. If he doesn’t sleep by mid-afternoon then I do my best to keep him awake and occupied so he has an earlier bedtime. The worst is a nap masquerading as bedtime. So he goes to bed at 5:30 and then wakes at 8, ready to GOGOGO!! Ugh!!

  2. Plenty of exercise an hour before naptime always tired my son out. We’d just do a lot of running, dancing, jumping or whatever and he’d be ready for a nap. If he was claiming he wasn’t tired, I’d lay down with him and read a book or talk softly and he’d be out whether he wanted to sleep or not.

  3. My mom told me when I was little she said I stoped having naps but she made me and my brother Stay in our room for a min of an hour and said we didnt need to sleep but we had to stay in there. I think if My 5mth old decideds when shes a todler that she doesnt want to nap I will try this as well. My mom said it worked and she had at least an hour to do what she wanted.

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