How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

Remember when lemonade stands were simply made of a part of a cardboard box or poster board or a spare piece of wood that mom and dad could spare? I remember that. My first lemonade stand was made of poster board and decorated with those glitter glue pens you can get from the Dollar Store. It wasn’t much, but it worked.

Today, lemonade stands can be as simple as the ones of yester-years, or they can get a 21st century facelift that will be sure to attract customers and turn the very fun activity of the summer lemonade stand into something a bit more…sophisticated.

If your kid has grand plans to take over the world with one cup of lemonade at a time, consider these great products.

Alex Toys Lemonade Stand.

How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand

It’s not cheap, but if you have the money to spare and plan to go BIG with your kid’s lemonade sales, why not invest in this very cool lemonade stand? The front of the stand is a chalkboard so you can easily display your stand’s menu and prices. ($103,

 Bodum Bistro Juicer.

Photo Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

This awesome juicer is easy to use and really works great. When not using it for your stand, this would go great in your kitchen. ($49,

 Plastis Ice Cube Trays by Ikea.

How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand
Photo Credit: Ikea

Sure you can just use plain old ice cubes to get the job done, but why not get these fun trays from Ikea. With star, fish, and heart moldings, these trays are great and fun to use. ($0.99,

Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher.

How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand
Photo Credit:

Infuse your lemonade by placing lemons in this pitcher, and you’re kid’s stand will be the talk of the block. As an added bonus, this pitcher is made of BPA- free acrylic instead of glass.  ($18.80,

 Scyhlling Rubber Piggy Bank.

How to Create the Ultimate Lemonade Stand
Photo Credit: Schylling

This quality piggy bank will last for years to come and is a fun way to store all your kid’s earnings. ($16.99,

 Etch It Frosted Party Cups.

Photo Credit:

Give your customers an added personal touch by putting their names on their lemonade with these cool cups. (24-pack for $11,



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