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How To Delegate Chores Around The House

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Nobody really likes chores, right? I mean, even if you’re okay with doing them I bet you’d still prefer if a magical fairy could somehow come and do them all for you while you were sleeping. Since magical fairies do not exist (if someone has one, please send it my way) we are left to fend for ourselves. Since 95 percent of housework is usually child related, there’s no reason your children shouldn’t be helping you out. Not only does it take a little off your work load, but it also teaches them responsibility. Here are some tips on how to delegate chores around the house.


If your kids are quite young, it helps to have a chore chart. Get something that hangs on the wall with a list of your kids daily jobs. You can use check marks when each chore is completed or get fun stickers or anything else that works for your family.

While children may complain that chores need to be done, it is essential that they do them. Chores teach children essential life skills. Learning to clean and learning to do things like dishes and laundry is essential to them. One day they are going to be on their own and will need to know how to do these things themselves so they may as well start doing them at home, too. Chores also give kids a sense of accomplishment.

What chores your child can do really depends on their age. Make sure that before you delegate their chores, you show them the correct way of doing them. Let them try the chore with your supervision and when they are ready, assign them this chore. Always follow up and make sure that things are being done correctly. Remember that they are just children are are learning.

If you have multiple children, you may find that one of your children loves to help in the kitchen while the other loves dusting and putting things away. You may decide to permanetly make those their chores. On the other hand, you may have children who both love one thing and hate the others. In this case, you may be better off by doing a chore rotation. Make a chart that rotates the chores so that everyone has a turn doing each thing so everything is fair.

You can delegate chores to little ones, too. We are already teaching my son basic chores like how to pick up after himself. My son likes to get into ALL of his toys at once, and he has a ton. When he’s done playing, we clean up together. I try to do little things to make it fun for him. When we’re putting his blocks away in their storage bag, I make a funny sound effect noise each time he puts a block in. He thinks it’s so hilarious that he runs around the room searching for more blocks to put away.

Preschoolers can perform basic chores like this plus they can learn to make their beds and clean up their rooms a little, too. Grade school children can start helping with the dishes and the laundry and you can even have them start helping you take care of any pets you may have. Older kids can do much more. What chores you delegate to your children is up to you. Keep in mind their age and their skill set and choose chores accordingly.

Remember that delegating chores is helping to give your child basic life skills that they need. It is your responsibility as a parent to prepare them and to teach them that keeping up a home is a team effort that everyone helps out with.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.