How to survive AA flights… part 2

Our readers are so awesome and have even more excellent ideas on how to make it from the car to the gate in one piece with all your children in tow.

This suggestion comes from Sarah:

Sit N Stroll Car Seat: A car seat that has pop out wheels.  There are 5 ways to use the Sit N Stroll: rear facing car seat, forward facing car seat, stroller, dining booster chair, or faa certified seat.  Very cool, Thanks Sarah!

This suggestion comes from Kristen:

Pacback: Kristen sent in this suggestion for children who are already walking through the airport on their own but are still traveling with the car seat.  Looks much more comfortable then the alternative.  Thanks Kristen!

This suggestion comes from Tamara:

Trunki: This looks like a great idea for 3 and 4 year olds.  A small trunk for some carry-on must haves and it works as a fun ride to the gate.  Thanks so much Tamara!

Thanks girls!

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