Huggies Launches New Slip-On Diapers

If you’ve ever tried to change the diaper of an active toddler, you will feel my pain.  Now that Little Bud has started walking (i.e. running around like a crazy man), he has absolutely no time for diaper changes.  In fact, holding him down long enough to do the “dirty work” is a lot like wresting a baby alligator (or so I’ve heard). 

The first issue is chasing him down and actually catching him.  Once I have the little Houdini in hand, the real work begins.  I will inevitably wrestle him down onto the changing table, bed, or floor, all the while dodging an array of kicks and jabs and listening to him screaming.  Once I have him down, I will be forced to keep one hand on him stomach to keep him from rolling away.  My other hand will be used to aimlessly grab for the box of wipes and a clean diaper. 

With these tools in hand, I will attempt to lift his little bottom high enough to actually slide a diaper underneath and wrap it up and around the front to cover his boy parts.  At this point, Little Bud will feel the need to flex every muscle in his body, mustering all of his baby strength to make himself as stiff as a board with his thighs squeezed together.  I will then try and do the best I can to work around the temporary paralysis by inching said diaper as far north as possible between his legs, hoping the coverage will be adequate to soak up the pee-pee. 

After I finally get one side fastened, Little Bud’s mysterious paralysis will miraculously wear off and he will jump up and take off at roughly the speed of light.  I will finish my task by running after him until I can grab the other tab long enough to get it affixed to the diaper, praying that it doesn’t slide off before I get there.  As I step back to view my handiwork, I see the crooked, sagging jumble of material that once was a neatly folded diaper and denounce it as passable. 

If this sounds all too familiar to you, you are obviously the parent of a toddler.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone would make a diaper you could pull on your squirmy kiddo while they stood up?  Guess what – they did! 

Huggies has recently launched the newest addition to their Little Mover’s line, the slip-on diaper.  I was so excited when I saw the commercial that I absolutely HAD to try them.  Let me just say that my only complaint is that I wish someone has thought of this sooner! 

I ran out to the supermarket to grab myself a packet to try.  While I was pleased to see that they were the same price as my usual Huggies, I noticed that you get less diapers per pack (4 less in the size 4 diapers).  No big deal to me since I don’t mind paying more for something that will make my life a little easier. 

Once I got home and eagerly ripped the package open, I was a little shocked at how small they looked.  I thought there was no way something that tiny was going to fit around Little Bud’s ample milk belly.  However, I decided to give them a try.  I went into stealth mode, creeping up behind him with the diaper in hand.  I unfastened his current one and quickly guided his legs into the openings on the slip-on.  Wow.  I was amazed that it actually fit! 

If you’ve ever used pull-ups or a swim diaper, the new slip-ons are quite similar.  They have the same super stretchy sides which keep the diaper snug and in place.  However, they do seem to be a bit shorter in length than the traditional little movers. 

Huggies has really thought this design through by including a set of tabs on each side so you can customize the fit.  Keep in mind that the tabs are quite small, so I wouldn’t suggest using them unless you absolutely have to.  Huggies has also included the same easy-open sides that their Pull-Ups have, so getting them off is a breeze.  Speaking from experience, make sure to check if your little one has left you a dirty little surprise in the diaper.   I neglected this crucial step and ended up having to pull out the carpet shampooer.  

After 3 days of using these new diapers non-stop, they have worked great for Little Bud.  He loves that he no longer needs to lie down for his diaper changes, and I love the fact that there’s no need for the usual wrestling match.  While they work great for daytime changes, I wouldn’t suggest using them overnight.  They do seem to have the same great absorbency of the originals, but Little Bud is a super soaker and leaked through them after several hours of night time wear.  This can probably be attributed to their shorter overall length.  

All in all, this diaper is a great alternative for parents with squirmy toddlers.  We found that they work great for daytime use and are fantastic for those impromptu diaper emergencies where there’s no changing table available.

Veronika Smith, Editor Veronika is a full time working mother of the two craziest, greatest boys ever, ages 9 months (Little Bud) and 10 years (Big Bud). This Kentucky mom holds a degree in business from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently pursuing a second degree in nursing. She is a slave to all gadgets that promise to make her life easier and increase her "productive abilities". With her most recent family addition, this obsession has stretched to include the wonderful world of baby-sized gadgets! She also has a passion for fashion and the nose for a great deal. Several friends have (unflatteringly?) referred to her as the bargain bloodhound. They don't call her the coupon queen for nothing!


  1. I know how the past comments are from like 2011, but some ppl are not using common sense! The Slip-On Product was for squirming babies. My 9 month old was giving me a hard time about changes and wouldn’t lie still for 2 seconds, I wished I could slide on a diaper like her swim diaper for class. Lo and behold, I saw a commercial or a coupon….I’ve been seeing this commercial for months, but it never clicked to me until I had a runner on my hands. Now my little fuss box at diaper time loves putting on her “Underwear”. They have tabs to take off like a regular diaper, which I do as she’s standing and poops are no mess, if I have to lie her down for cleaning she’s cool, or I lay her over my knee on her tummy to clean she’s cool. Then slip-on her undies lol. She just loves the slide-up part.

  2. I think these will be a great alternative to pull-ups for beginning stages of potty training. First off, they are the same price as the regular huggies little movers, and secondly, you can use the same amazing coupons for huggies diapers found in your weekly circulars.

    I went to my local CVS today and picked up 3 jumbo packs (all on sale for $7.99 a piece), and then used 3/$3.00 off coupons found in Sunday’s paper. This made my total purchase under $15, which is WAY less than I would have spent for pull-ups.

  3. yes, I agree with Trish. I’d like to know how this diaper performs in a big, messy poo situation. Will it smear on the baby’s thigh as I pull it down? My little guy is quite a pooper. I was ready to go by a pack when I got a coupon for this product, but had second thoughts about number 2 and decided not to get it. I also noticed on the swimming diapers that you have to watch out when you pull up the diaper so that you don’t “hurt” his organs. Is it the same with these, too?

  4. I’d love to know how people get on changing the child when standing when they have done a poo that smeared all over their butt. I find it so much easier to lie them down and clean, but these pants harp on how easy it is to change them when standing up. Also you still need to take the whole pant off to get the pull up on, whereas lying down you just pull pants half down, remove diaper, wipe and put another on.
    We use cloth diapers so no real issue here, but using pull ups when out, they are not that much more convenient. Am I incorrect?

  5. Yay! I can’t wait to go out and buy some! We’ve been using pull-ups instead of regular diapers, just because they slide on. Pull-ups don’t hold very much, by the way, so we’ve been having a lot of leaks. We use pampers overnight diapers because my little girl is such a heavy wetter. I am trying to help her get used to sitting on the toilet too, (not quite potty training yet) and slip-on diapers will be great for that. I sure hope they fit her well.

  6. I too find diaper changing like a wrestling match. I was leary about the new slip on diapers. That they wouldn’t hold the “yuck” in well. Much to my surprise they work wonderfully. Although we do need to put on a regular diaper at bedtime. But all in all great.


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