Husband: Praise Me for Doing My Mom Job

Mothers are goddesses. Yeah, fathers are awesome too but for the sake of this article, right now, let’s be selfish and just focus on ourselves. Because MAN we get a lot accomplished! So men of our lives, please give us your praise, for the big stuff and even for the every day small things that of course we will do, out of common courtesy. But what to say, you ask? “Words of Affirmation” not your love language? Here are a few things we do that you can praise us specifically for:

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I kept the kids alive! That may seem like an exaggerated accomplishment but when we have a son who loves to climb and throw himself off tall places when you aren’t looking, it’s actually quite deserving of your praise.

I finally cleaned off the dresser. Praise me because now you can set your keys down without the fear of them being swallowed, never to be seen again, by all the unfolded clothes, tangled necklaces, and random old receipts.

I matched your socks today. Praise me because now you won’t have to wake me up at 5AM to ask where your socks are—meaning I won’t bite your head off.

I also ironed your work shirts! Praise me because I somehow succeeded in keeping an unstable board with a hot iron on it from falling over onto our curious, mobile baby every five seconds.

And while we are on the topic of clothes: I did the laundry today from start to finish (folded and put away)! Praise me for that because now we wont be searching for our underwear and only finding the toddler’s pairs. Praise me because now we can walk around our room without tripping over five baskets. Sure, I’ll probably leave next week’s laundry piled all over like normal, but praise me for what I’ve done this time!

I worked out today, even though the kids ran circles around me and became my impromptu weights, since I couldn’t get them off me anyways. Praise me because while I kind of do it for myself and my own health, I mainly do it so you can keep grabbing my butt and commenting on it’s firmness.

I got dinner on the table before 7:30! Praise me for having it perfectly ready when you got home from work at 5:30 because timing that shiz is not actually easy. And our toddler is about to refuse even a single bite of the food I slaved over so I’m going to need that praise on repeat to stop my eye from its anger-induced twitching.

Our baby pooped 6 watery diapers today and I changed them all. Anytime you’re knee deep in poopy diapers and blowout onsies, and you still have your smell sense intact by the end of the day, that automatically deserves the highest of praises.

I managed to squeeze in a shower today! Praise me for not smelling like a 3–day-old forgotten sippy cup that had milk in it.

And if I ever manage to add a little mascara and lipstick, your praise better consist of back rubs and prolonged sexy time.

I cleaned the toilet and didn’t say a single thing to you about the mystery hairs I found (in your color). Praise me because we both know that I never shed, and I am never gross.

I handled bedtime so you could go poop for half an hour. Praise me because our kids’ favorite thing to play with is my patience and this time, I didn’t even yell their full names at them!

Men of our lives, I know this all sounds very “worship me” like. But selfishness aside, it really does help when you’ve applauded us for the specific, mundane tasks we complete, even though most of them are expected and no big deal. By calling out specific things you “worship” about us, you are telling us that you see all the little things we do that make our house a home and our family a happy, functioning one. It helps us feel appreciated and rejuvenated to keep going. And when we feel that admiration, you benefit: “Happy wife, happy life,” right?

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