Yes, I do believe in miracles, sometimes.

My first daughter hated being swaddled. She “told” me and the nurses this in the hospital by forcing herself free of even the most tightly wrapped blankets. But, I didn’t believe her, couldn’t believe her. So I went on the quest to find a miracle, a blanket or some other contraption that I could use to “teach” my daughter that she really did like swaddling but that she just didn’t know it yet.

I came across The Miracle Blanket early in my quest.

According to reviews and its marketing material it was, in a word, “a “miracle.” Among its benefits that I valued most:

  • Reasonably priced. I say “reasonably” because initially, the thought of paying almost $30 for a “fancy” piece of fabric was something I did not want to do. But, as promised by the manufacturer, it was a miracle that I was paying for, so the $30 price tag, in that context, seemed reasonable.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. According to the manufacturer, if unsatisfied with your blanket, you can return it for a refund, at any time.
  • Simple design. This blanket features inner wings that wrap around your child’s arms and outer wings that wrap around their body.
  • It only features a soft, breathable fabric, i.e., no buttons, straps, zippers, Velcro, etc.

I started using the Miracle Blanket with my first daughter at around 4 weeks. Here’s some of the things I like about using this blanket:

  • It did wonders to restrain my baby and reduce fussiness and improve sleep.
  • I could keep my daughter in it during our nightly nursing sessions.

The Miracle Blanket did what it said it would until my daughter hit about eight weeks. It was then that she figured out how to maneuver out of the arm wings and the foot pouch. The manufacturer says the blanket should work from newborn to several months, but in my case, that proved not to be true.

I used the Miracle Blanket again with my second daughter and the same thing happened. She tolerated being strapped in it and would sleep well in it until she hit 9 weeks.

So with my swaddle resistant girls, I can only say that my success with the Miracle Blanket was short lived. But it was a miracle for a little while.  Maybe I’ll have better luck with my next child?? (Shakes magic eight ball. It reads: Don’t count on it!). *sigh.

Would I recommend the Miracle Blanket to other parents? While I didn’t have much long term success with the Miracle Blanket, two years in motherhood have taught me that all babies are different. Perhaps your child will accept being wrapped for longer amounts of time then mine. Maybe.

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