I Feel A Sneeze Coming

Achoo!  Hand me a tissue please.

Better yet, pass me The Sneezy Wheezy Day, the third installment of the COUGAR CUB TALES, an award-winning children’s book series written and illustrated by Sharon Cramer.

In The Sneezy Wheezy Day, when brother cub gets sick, he and his sister decide to seek their well-intentioned woodland friends for treatments and remedies to make him feel better. The King Stag instructs the cub, “Tickle your nose with the tail of a goose and do it before the next blue moon rise!”  Ultimately, he recovers after a much-needed nap and the love of his caring sister.

I eagerly sat down to read my review copy to my two year old son while he had the sniffles.  We had never read either of the other two Cougar Cub Tales.  My favorite part of this book is the watercolored illustrations on the right-hand pages.   I like the story concept because nobody enjoys being sick and most of us make lousy patients.  But I was disappointed that the friendly animals in the forest recommended quack cures for the cub’s cold that younger children might not understand.  In addition, the verse and some of the vocabulary might be too complex for some children.  It also bothered me that the cubs are nameless.

What’s most impressive is that Sharon Cramer, a nurse and mom of three, self-publishes her books.  Perhaps that’s why there appears to be a misprint in her bio on the last page of the 38 page book.

Over all, it makes me a bit queasy to say that this book is nothing to sneeze over.  Instead of buying it, I recommend getting the FREE download e-book on Amazon available between January 23-27, 2012.