iBreastfeed by Medela

Medela has launched a new App called iBreastfeed and I immediately downloaded it. I use my iPhone for everything- checking emails, checking Twitter, updating my family about my children’s accomplishments on Facebook, checking off my To-Do list, planning my grocery shopping, listening to music with my kids and now, I can use it as a reference for breastfeeding!

iBreastfeed provides tools and resources to help moms successfully breastfeed! Moms can…

♥  Find breastfeeding- and breastpumping-friendly locations in her local area, and add her own personal locations.

♥  Get information on the benefits of breastmilk, breastfeeding and pumping tips, breastmilk storage guidelines and instant access to other online resources.

♥  Add their baby’s profile and easily keep track of breastfeeding, pumping, sleeping and diaper changes. Moms can even send the log to their baby’s doctor.

♥  Track activities for up to six babies.


The Guide:

A super easy to navigate list that provides you with Breastmilk Benefits, general information about Breastfeeding (including how many times your new baby should breastfeed), Pumping, Breastmilk Storage (this alone is worth having the App), Baby’s Weight and Online Resources complete with tips, solutions and free advice from a Lactation Consultant.




Quickly and easily create a bio for your child(ren) including their date-of-birth, birth weight and height and blood type. Once a bio is created, you can log breastfeeding, pumping sessions, solid foods, sleeping, diaper changes and even create your own list. At anytime you can view the log to see your baby’s daily activity and even email it to yourself for printing purposes and to take it to those early doctor visits. I wish I had something like this when my first two were newborns, not only did the doctor want me to track their feedings and output (aka diaper changes), they were both preemie babies with severe jaundice. Everything had to be uber documented and presented to the doctor every other day. I can’t tell you how many times I lost my little graph on paper or how many times I grabbed a sticky note only to misplace it and get confused. Plus, to be completely honest, once the first few weeks of exhaustion wore off, I would (and still do) jump on my phone while breastfeeding to help pass the time. 40-60 minutes in one spot can get rather lonely. Yes, I made googly-eyes at my baby, snuggled and smiled at his adorable suckling self but once he nodded off, I was bored. Oh! and my iPhone saved me multiple times in the night. It keep me awake so I could finish the feeding and get back to bed; instead of falling asleep in the glider only to wake up in a panic cause my baby was on my lap!! Bottom line, I was on my phone and if I had an App to keep track of those feedings, I can’t even begin to describe how happy I would have been to have everything simplified, everything in one place!


The Locator function uses your current area to track Medela approved consultants and pump sales or rentals. I like that you can be at home or across the country visiting family and if something comes up, you have a list of locations for support.


This part is a personal list where you can add your own contacts for support- local Lactation Consultants, Hospitals, Doulas, Support Groups, etc.

When it comes to breastfeeding you can never have too much support. This App is user (and new mom/hormonal) friendly, easy to navigate and is free. This App can be downloaded on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.