If We Only Had 5 Toys for Baby’s First Year

I’m a minimalist at heart. Unfortunately, not truly in practice – but I’m getting better! I promise.

This post is an exercise in my growing discipline. It happened the same week as the Great Play Room Clean Up of 2013 and I’m proud to report that we’ve most definitely reduced our toy collection. Favorites are all reachable, the books are organized and toys/games beyond my children’s current capability have been stored garage tubs for a later surprise. Our selection has become more refined and we’re all feeling a little happier with the cleaner, less cluttered play area.

Our clean up made me think … what if we only had 5 toys? What would I want those to be? Today, I’m sharing our favorites for the infant stage, the best and brightest leading up to the age of one. I’m sure you’ll fall in love as I have and I hope you’ll share your infant’s favorite toys in the comments!

vulli teethersEveryone has heard of Sophie the Giraffe, she’s around every corner these days. But, have you discovered her “cousins” Chan, Pie and Gnon? They are a delightful little trio made of the same phthalate free natural rubber.

You can buy Chan, Pie or Gnon here

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 8.33.26 PM art cardsI’ve chattered about Wee Gallery’s art cards before and I’m definitely still a fan! These darling cards assist in newborn eyesight development and are a fabulous investment that grows with your child. You can even attach them to a mobile for a piece of toy turned nursery art!

You can buy Wee Gallery’s art cards here

oballI wish I knew what it was able the Oball from Rhino Toys that made it so appealing to babies. Nonetheless, it’s a winner!

You can find the Oball at Target stores

dog rattleWe received the Angel Dear dog rattle as a baby shower gift and it is my 7 month old’s current toy of choice. He shakes it like crazy, chews on the poor dog’s nose and ears and smiles from ear to ear when I make this little dog “woof”.

You can buy Angel Dear rattles (there are tons of animal choices) here

indestructiblesBaby proof books … need I say more? The Indestructible line is my #1 choice for infant books. Not only are the illustrations beautiful and the stories class, they can’t be ripped or ruined. Yay!

You can buy Indestructible books here

Now it’s your turn to chime in! If your family could only have 5 toys for the first year, what would they be?