If We Only Had 5 Toys for Baby’s Third Year

By now, I guess I shouldn’t be titling this “for Baby’s Third Year”, but you know how they always feel like your baby no matter how old they are. Yep, I definitely still feel that way.

In October my daughter wraps up her third full year of life. My how the years have flown! This past year her excitement over toys and learning has exploded and she has definitely found some favorites. So, our top five toys/activities for year three are …


Any paint is great, but these dot paints in particular are awesome! And they’re currently on sale!

You can buy dot art painters here

hape kitchen

I foresee years of fun with our play kitchen. When I was shopping for one, I fell in love with the simple look of this one from Hape – plus it’s extremely well made and easy to assemble.

You can buy the Hape Gourmet Kitchen here


All puzzles are not created equal. Quality pieces that click together well are key to minimizing frustration for little learners. I can’t speak highly enough of the puzzles from Mudpuppy -they’re winners!

You can buy Mudpuppy puzzles here

twilight turtle

This darling turtle has provided countless hours of fun for my daughter. Hiding in closets and forts and accompanying us on evening walks, the Twilight Turtle shines bright wherever we go!

Buy a Cloud B Twilight Turtle here

doctor play set

Imagination play is in full swing in our house. Doctor is by far the most popular!

Buy this doctor play set here

What would you add to this list of favorites? Did your little one have a handful of well-loved toys and activities when they were 2-3 years old? Please share!

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