iGuy to Protect your iPad from your Toddler (VIDEO)

You may have heard that I recently got an iPad and I’m pretty darn excited about it. Not only am I excited but I’m very protective of this little device that cost more than my laptop and my desktop computer. It is the most expensive piece of computer/electronic equipment that I own besides my video camera. I knew when we bought it though that my kids would be playing with it. It’s the beauty of an iPad – it can double as an impromptu babysitter (like at a doctor’s office etc.) if need be. Videos, games and educational programs can work wonders in a pinch with a child. Plus, we have Netflix so I can stream movies right on my iPad. Yes, it’s the coolest thing ever! Can you tell I’m excited about it?!?

Okay, so knowing my kids will be playing with it, I have been on the hunt for a protective case to keep them from destroying my new toy…umm, I mean my new work device. 😉 Today, I’m going to introduce you to a fun little guy that not only protects the iPad but also has a few fun, kid-friendly features. Meet the iGuy



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*Disclosure: We were sent an iGuy from Speck to try out. As always, all our thoughts, comments and opinions are our own.