I’m Having a Love Affair, Just Don’t Tell My Husband

I’ve got to come clean about something: I’ve fallen in love.

It’s my Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand. I can’t get enough of it. I’m head over heels in love.

It’s not like I planned on this. I just sort of…. happened.

My Joovy has been in the picture for a while, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. It took some time, but our stars finally aligned and now I can’t imagine my life without it.

A few months ago Baby Chick was finally able to sit up on her own, and Big Chick decided that she wasn’t very interested in riding in the double stroller anymore. Big Chick, at barely 3 years old, still can’t be relied on to walk long distances though.

That’s where the Joovy stepped in. It started with an innocent trip to the Zoo and quickly escalated to a permanent spot in the trunk of my car. My poor double was quickly cast to aside to the Joovy’s spot in our garage. I know the break up was sudden, but I can’t deny my love for the Joovy any longer.

My crush turned into a full-fledged love affair a few weeks ago while dining outdoors with some friends. We were all enjoying a glass of wine while sitting on a beautiful lawn overlooking the bay. I realized that while the scenery was gorgeous, I did not have a convenient place to set my wine glass down. That’s when the Joovy came to the rescue. The Joovy’s snack tray just so happens to double as a perfect outdoor coffee table. Who knew?

That is not where the story ends though.

Just as I set my full wine glass on the Joovy’s snack tray, my friend’s darling two year old boy came over and knocked the glass right over, dumping the entire contents of the wine glass into the Jovvy’s front seat. Not only was the entire seat soaked in red wine, but the undercarriage was also affected.

I brushed it off and kept my cool, but on the inside? I was devastated.

It took me a good 18 hours to face the situation. I have to admit that I was seriously concerned about the well-being of my beloved Joovy Sit and Stand. After the red wine incident, what if things would never be the same between us? Would the Joovy ever forgive me?

I wasn’t sure quite how to approach the damage. After some careful consideration I decided to put the Joovy on the lawn, spray it down with a hose, turn it upside down, and leave it out to dry.

And you know what? It cleaned like a dream. Not only that, but it looks better than ever!

That’s when I fell long and hard for my Joovy. Not only is it lightweight, easy to steer, and fits nicely in my trunk, but it can also tolerate a heavy dose or two of red wine.

I tell you, we are a match made in heaven.

What are you having a love affair with these days?  I promise- your secret is safe with me.

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Morgan is a Domestic Goddess and mother to two girls, Big Chick and Baby Chick. Before she became a mother in 2007, she worked as a nanny for three different families. This means that she has had goldfish stuck to her car floor for a very long time. While Morgan loves all baby and child related gear, she has a particular fondness for strollers. When Morgan isn't outside enjoying the Southern California weather, she also writes for her own website: http://www.thelittlehenhouse.com

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I used my Bugaboo constantly with #1. When #2 came along two years later, I wanted to replicate the experience. I went for a Bumbleride, which seemed like the closest thing to a double Bugaboo at the time. I hated it, but used it. I now have a 5.5-year-old and a 3-year-old and am looking for something that will let me move briskly through airports, transporting children & all the stuff that goes with them. Ideally, this is also something I could use for outings to museums, botanical gardens, and the like. I am coveting a sit & stand, but… Read more »

I have been wanting one for a while (the Joovy Ergo has been whispering to me) but we don’t have the space… and already have too many strollers. Wait, did I just say that? You can never have too many… right? I don’t care what anyone says, my love is still for my Bugaboo Cameleon. That’s my sugar daddy.