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I’m Ready For You

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Hello, Little One, this is your mommy. What an amazing and exciting new role I’ll be stepping into within the next few months! I can hardly believe I’ll soon be holding you—a wiggling, happy baby. But you know what? I can believe it. Every time I feel your kicks on my bladder or your hiccups that startle us both, I know I already love you. Even though I don’t know you yet, and I don’t know whose eyes you’ll have or what color hair you’ll grow, I’m ready to care for you and cherish you for eternity.

crib Huggies ready for you

I’m preparing for you as best as I can. I have an overwhelming need to clean your room, stock up on diapers, and cook freezer meals. People much smarter than I am call this feeling of readiness “nesting.” Now, I don’t know if this nesting feeling is coming from you and your eagerness to be born, or from my raging hormones that account for every other odd behavior I’ve been experiencing. Either way, I’m grateful for it. While my nesting drives me to prepare for the biggest day of my life—your birth—I feel closer to you already. I’ve put together your crib and carefully placed the blanket your grandma sewed on the side. I’ve washed and folded all your clothes, neatly stacking them in your dresser. And I’ve cleaned every inch of the house, which is quite the task when your little body pushes my belly out further than I can see when I look down. While all of these tasks played a part in making me feel closer to you, nothing hit me right in the heart more than putting your Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers away. They are so important and you’ll use them every single day. They will hold you as I’m holding you.

huggies nesting diaper drawer ready

Little One, I want you to know I care about you already. I care so much that I spent forever researching, debating, and choosing the best diapers to add to my baby registry so your tiny bum could feel like it was always resting on a soft cloud. Your sweet, little body will look so cute in the newborn size, which has an umbilical cord cutout. As your little cord stump dries and begins to fall off, your diaper won’t rub against it because of that dip, making our cuddles even more special.

As I put away your Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, my eyes watered with emotion because I can picture you in them already. I can picture your smile as I change your diaper and touch your soft skin because the GentleAbsorb Liner is sensitive, breathable and comfortable. I can picture the late nights spent together, when your diaper changes will give the perfect excuse to be together, just you and I. I tear up whenever I look at my changing table, where your diapers sit ready, because I see all the sizes you’ll grow in to. From newborn to your first toddler steps, your tender skin will be taken care of in every size because I know Huggies values your life and your body as much as I do.

huggies nursery closet

So, Little One, I’m ready for you. I’ve completed my nesting phase and I already feel bonded to you because of it, even though we’ve never met face-to-face. I’m prepared to be your mother, so please don’t wait too long to make good use of those diapers I’ve got packed in my hospital bag. I’m ready for the millions of diaper changes we’ll tackle together. I’m ready to wrap you in Grandma’s blanket and snuggle you warmly to my chest. I’m ready for my visions to become a reality.

I’ll see you soon!

huggies nesting chair ready


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