I’m sick of Santa getting all the credit

Okay, not really… We’re not that vain.

But this year, we’re changing things up a little when it comes to the gifts under the Christmas tree. Last year was a bit excessive, and while that is hard for me to say (because I love giving gifts), it was evident about 10 minutes after all the gifts were opened. As expected, the boys flocked to their favorite toys and the rest became background noise… and mess.

Santa gifts

Santa is now responsible for the stocking gifts. He may chose to wrap them all or just a few… but he gets the stocking this year. He also gets the one unwrapped present (aka the “Kodak moment present”) that sits by the tree on Christmas morning.

By doing it this way, I no longer have to stress about comments like, “Hey mom! Santa’s handwriting sure looks like yours!” or “How did Santa get the wrapping paper that was under your bed?

My kids are getting way too smart and I’m running out of hiding spots.

Mom and dad gifts

All the wrapped gifts that will be under the tree are from my husband and me. Last Christmas was the first year that our oldest (at age eight) got so caught up in the chaos that he didn’t read who the gifts were from — I’m part to blame because of the excessive amount of gifts. When he was asked what Santa got him, he had no clue. And it broke my heart. That’s when I knew that it was just “stuff” and the true meaning was lost.

Another change this year? The kids are each getting five gifts from us. This way, they have the same amount to open and the gifts are all things that they really want… not just fillers.

I want Christmas morning to be a memory, and one that lasts.

I also want Christmas to be more about giving, thoughtfulness and love.

Does the Big Guy get all the credit for what’s under the tree in your house?