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  1. 1-Don’t let the critics get you down; especially the authorities on parenting who DON’T have kids!
    2-A mommy time out in the locked bathroom is sometimes 10x more effective than a 3 year old in time out.
    3-Lastly, never ever feel guilty if you put your kiddies to bed early for a little ME time, it makes you a better Mom the next day!
    And most important, never underestimate the value of an evenin glass of wine!

  2. Love this. To the #5 point, has anyone ever had a friend that you had before kids that you wanted to unfriend after kids? I had that recently. I couldn’t have my daughter around her in good conscience. Truth is, I shouldn’t have been around her either, but having a child pushed me to do what I needed to. Toxic personality. 🙁

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