Innobaby Keepaa: A new kind of juice box holder!

Innobaby Keepaa: A new kind of juice box holder!

Do your kids love juice boxes?  Or how about the juice pouches like Capri Sun?  You probably already know that these boxes and pouches can turn into a messy nightmare when your child squeezes the box so that the juice comes squirting out the straw all over their shirt, hands and anything in the vicinity.  Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic but it is messy! 

If you’re like me, you invest in a juice box holder.  They aren’t new and they aren’t expensive.  They are plastic box/pouch holders with child-sized handles to hold your child’s juice box while they drink but prevents them from squeezing the box/pouch to squirt the juice everywhere. While I like to keep my juice box holder in the diaper bag just in case we encounter juice boxes during the day in let’s say a Happy Meal at the McDonald’s drive-thru because this mama was just too busy that day to make lunch (don’t judge!), the traditional juice box holders are bulky and are one-size-fits-all.  They are one shape that doesn’t fold, stuff or fit neatly into a pocket. Until now.

Innobaby has taken the juice box holder to a whole new level!  They created the Keepaa Drink Holder. It’s not just for juices and goodbye to the days that the drink holder doesn’t fold.  This is your juice box/pouch holder solution!  First of all, the Keepaa expands to accommodate all sizes and shapes of juice boxes, pouches, milk cartons, water bottles and even cups!  Second, it folds!  Yep, this drink holder folds flat so that it is compact and can fit in the slimmest pockets.  It’s so easy to fold that even your toddler can do it. And that’s not all!  It’s lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your child’s drink down and it sports to easy grip handles.  Brilliant!

Innobaby Keepaa retails for $5.99 and you can purchase one HERE.

Innobaby Keepaa: A new kind of juice box holder!


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