10 Ways to Decorate with Instagram Pictures

If you’re like me, your Instagram pictures reflect some of the sweetest moments and memories your family has shared. It may seem silly, but Instagram pictures really do serve as a sort of time capsule, perfectly capturing that moment in time. Plus, with the fabulous filters, each photo is turned into an amazing piece of art. Well, why not use those artistic Instagram pictures as the basis for some fabulous home decor.

Decorating with Instagram Photos

Here are 10 ways decorate your home with Instagram pictures:

These Instagram Photo Blocks would be super cute on a mantel or bookshelf.

instagram photo blocks

Make a cute Throw Pillow using your Instagram Pictures. It would make a wonderful accent to a child’s room!

Or what about a set of Refrigerator Magnets featuring your best Instagram photos. I’m sure grandma and grandpa would love those as a gift!

A small empty frame with string and some clips is transformed into a sweet Instagram Photo Display for your desk or entry way.

Instagram photo display

Try a gallery wall with Instagram Canvas Prints! They are surprisingly easy to make.

Instagram Pictures

Did you know you can print your Instagram pictures on a large frameable poster! And it only costs $10!

Instagram Pictures

Another option is printing, matting, and framing your Instagram photos to create this striking photo wall.

Instagram Pictures

Perhaps the most unique is this Instagram tablerunner, which would be really beautiful for special occasions or holiday parties.

Instagram Pictures

You can’t get much easier, or more inexpensive, than this Instagram wire photo display. An adorable modern touch for any space.

Instagram Pictures


You can even surprise your guests with these adorable, waterproof Instagram coasters. A fun little pop of color and personalized piece to place on your coffee table.

What do you think? Any other ideas for decorating with Instagram Pictures?