International Babywearing Week 2014


Guess what mamas and papas – this week kicks off International Babywearing Week!

What is babywearing? I’m glad you asked … It’s the practice of carrying and connecting with a child throughout daily activities with them wrapped or strapped to a parent or caregiver. It brings them to eye level and gives them the opportunity to be soothed by your voice and heartbeat. One study has even found that worn 6 week olds cry 43% less. If that isn’t reason to love babywearing, what is?

Babywearing goes far beyond sweet newborns though. I currently wear my 2 year old and sometimes even my 4 year old. It’s not that they can’t walk or NEED to be worn, it’s because they like it. It reconnects us, gives them an adult’s eye view when we’re out and about, and most of all, for me, it is way more supportive to buckle them into our toddler carrier than use my arms to support a piggyback or hip carry. I have a few friends who also carry children with SPD and their adoptive older children for grounding and extra attachment. So when you think babywearing, don’t just think infants!

In honor of wearing our little ones there are a plethora of events, giveaways and babywearing tips floating around the internet. Start here and here to get in on the fun!

double tula

Carrying my children has been a beautiful part of my mothering experience. Something I wasn’t fully prepared for in the beginning. Through babywearing I’ve been able to soothe their tears, go on hands free adventures, nap on the go, and prep dinner with a happy little one snuggled close to my back. For years it has been second nature to hoist my little ones into a ring sling or soft structure carrier. They love, it I love it and thanks to our stash of babywearing options we’ve always had something that works well.

Just for fun – I’ll break down my favorite carriers by age! Take into account that my two children have both been 20 pounds by 4 months so if you’ve got tiny munchkins, these ranges may be quite adjustable 🙂

My best advice when it comes to narrowing down the best fit for you is to join a local babywearing group so you can try things on, ask questions and borrow before buying! International Babywearing Week is the perfect time to get connected, learn and share the babywearing love! Don’t miss out!

What are your favorite carriers? What do you love about babywearing? Share your thoughts!