Is he a puppy or a baby?

Is he a puppy or a baby?

I guess I was lucky with the first two because this 3rd kid of mine? Chews on everything! My wood entertainment center, my leatherette ottoman, even my shoes have baby teeth marks in them. Not only is the furniture being used a chewy toys, the high chair tray, stroller bar, crib… he’s like a puppy!

Because of this I’ve needed to chew proof a lot of stuff.

Is he a puppy or a baby?

 The Crib

My 3-year-old’s crib has a built in plastic chew guard on each side. The 1-year-old’s does not. I think every crib should come standard with this feature. It’s a heck of a lot better than walking in your child’s room to see paint chips all over their face.

I tried the Prince Lionheart Crib Rail Teether but it popped right off.

I then tried the Prince Lionheart Adjustable Crib Rail Teether and wasted an hour of my life. Setting it up was such a pain, the straps didn’t line up with the crib slats and I couldn’t skip a strap because the baby could then put his hand under it and 1. get stuck or 2. rip the rest of it off (he did both). I ended up tying the straps in knots to get it to stay put then quickly realized that it was not safe.

I’m currently testing out the Trend-Lab Wrap Rail Guard and besides having to cut the end off of the straps (to be able to fit it through a tight opening between the front and side of the crib) it’s better than the previous two options. My 1-year-old doesn’t mess with it but he does chew on it. My biggest problem with these is the size. The cover is 18″ wide so once installed on the crib, it covers the top 9″ on both sides. Esthetically, it drives me nuts. I’ve read reviews that some kids get their arms stuck in the pocket that it creates around the crib rail, we don’t have that problem (yet at least). I could see how this could be good for a very wide crib rail but ours is not wide at all.

Is he a puppy or a baby?

The Stroller

Lots of strollers have bumper bars. Lots of these bumper bars are wrapped in material that I can only compare to a Nerf Football. If you chew on it, you will get a chunk of it in your mouth. I found this company while looking for a cover for our bumper bar- They make covers for the Uppa Baby Vista and Bugaboo. I really like having the bumper bar covered. Not only is it protected from teeth, it stays cleaner.

Is he a puppy or a baby?

The House

I basically had to re-baby proof our entire house. We had Corner Guards in place from our second child but because they are foam, he was chewing chunks off of them left and right. We took them off and then he started chewing the wood corners of the furniture! We ended up with the KidCo Soft Corner Protectors but had to add some heavy duty double-sided tape to keep them in place. He’s a puppy and He-Man apparently. As for the shoes (ick), I have configured a gate so he can’t go near our entry way.

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  1. hmm… I’d still worry about him scratching or cutting his hand or arm. Even if you sanded the cut ends of the zip ties, it’s got that part that sticks out?!
    I dunno, my kid finds the most bizarre ways of getting hurt on things. I’d pad his crib if I could 😉


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