Is It Time To De-Stress?

Is It Time To De-Stress?

Is It Time To De-Stress?My husband sometimes asks me why I have my laptop sitting in front of me at the dinner table. What he doesn’t understand is exactly how my days play out. Everything I do, all my jobs, are tied to my precious laptop. It’s like a fourth child… except without smelly bum, the whining and it doesn’t eat me out of house and home. When I try to explain to him a Day In The Life of Me, it goes over his head while his face says “yeah, uh huh… I could do that.” Which usually leaves me glaring at him, throwing my arms in the air and yelling, “then you try working from home!”. I can be a tad over-dramatic at times but after days, and weeks, of getting 5 minutes here and there to chip away at my goals and deadlines, it would wear on even the non-over-dramatic people. At least I tell myself that.

Okay, really though, this conversation only comes up about once a month because I don’t sit at the dinner table with my laptop every single night, I do believe in family time around the dinner table and do try (try is the key word) to live by example for my children. But, when this topic comes up, it’s usually about the time when I need to take a deep breath or run from the house screaming. It’s time to de-stress.


I really like yoga. I like going to a yoga studio though because it’s just too hard to focus on my third eye, breathe in clean, fresh, non-poopy smelling air… trust me, I’ve tried. And even though I’ve learned to dispose of poopy diapers immediately into an outside diaper pail, I can still smell the stench. Or maybe that’s because I have three (make that 4 with my husband) smelly boys. Regardless, when I have time to go to yoga, it’s a great de-stressor.

Take a Walk

Outside walks always make me feel better after I get up the motivation to strap the kids in the stroller and go. Getting the natural vitamin D and changing the scenery up a bit helps so much. I just need to remember to pack snacks; waters, books and favorite toys for the kids or a peaceful, de-stressing walk can quickly turn into another stressful situation.


Writing, blogging, and making notes in my journal- all ways that make me feel like I can escape. I’m the type of person that needs to get my feelings out; I can’t bottle things up inside. Writing helps get all the clutter out of my head.

Reality TV

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I turn off the laptop, forget the laundry and use naptime to watch one of my DVR’d reality shows. Mindless TV that allows me to forget about everything for about 50 minutes.

I will admit that I’m not the best when it comes to carving out some Me Time. I put the needs of everyone else first and really need to get back to Happy Mommy, Happy Family. Or at least a variation of that. I need to plan better and think ahead to date nights, treating myself to little things or even taking a walk on my own.

What are ways that you de-stress?

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  1. I really enjoy reading or just watching a movie with my hubby. Anytime to go out to the store without the kids in tow– even if it’s to the grocery store– is a way to take a breath and relax


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