Is my washer still fresh?

Last month I posted about my experience with cleaning my washing machine for the first time with Affresh.  I thought a follow-up post would be appropriate now that I have cleaned my washing machine a second time a month later.

Since I was so excited about how easy it was to clean my washer the first time, I figured I might as well stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation of cleaning it once a month.  I had two more tablets left from the Affresh package so I thought why not?!  It’s easy to clean.  But it’s not like my washing machine needed to be cleaned right now.  It has no odor and no sign of mold or mildew anywhere.  Maybe that is because I cleaned it a month ago?  Maybe continuing to keep the door open to let it dry out at the end of laundry days is working?  Maybe both?  I don’t really know the exact reason but I’m just happy my washing machine is still clean.  Having a dirty machine that’s job is to clean dirty clothes just doesn’t sound right!  I figure if my washing machine is clean and mold/mildew free then I want to keep it that way.  Time to clean it.

How did I clean it the second time, you ask?  Same as the first time.   Affresh comes in the form of large tablets that I literally throw into the empty washer (not in the dispenser) and turn on the “clean washer with affresh” cycle.  That is it!  Done. 

My washer is still cleaning my clothes as great as ever.  No moldy smell in my washer or on my clothes.  Just the smell of clean.  Ahhhhhh!  If you want the inside of your washing machine smelling clean, why not clean it? 

If you want more information about Affresh and how it works, here it is straight from Whirpool (they say it better than I can!):

Only affresh® washer cleaner is proven to penetrate, dissolve, remove or reduce odor-causing residue from your washer. Compatible with all models of washers, the affresh® system was specially formulated to address the odor-causing residue that is a natural consequence of the water savings in all front-load or top-load HE washers. However, using the affresh® washer cleaner kit is a fast and simple way to keep the inside of all washers clean and fresh smelling.

Until affresh® washer cleaner, there hasn’t been a way to effectively remove and prevent odor-causing residue. While liquid chlorine bleach and other household cleaners can kill the bacteria that cause the residue to smell, they don’t penetrate and remove the residue itself. The residue will continue to build up in the drum, washer hoses, and door seal, causing the bacteria and odor to return after just two weeks. Bleach and other cleaners are a temporary fix, but never actually reach the root of the problem.

Running an empty cycle or the “clean” cycle on your washer can kill bacteria and rinse excess detergent from the drum and hoses, but does not have the power to bubble away built-up residue. affresh® washer cleaner works in the “clean” cycle to break up and dissolve accumulated residue.

Also, wiping out your washer or leaving the door open between loads alone will not prevent your washer from developing an odor. They both decrease the amount of moisture in the washer, reducing the smell, but don’t remove the residue that causes it unless used with the affresh® washer tablet.

To find out even more information, just hop on over to their website.

*Disclosure:  I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  As always, all my opinions are my own!