Is this Really Necessary? Good Idea or Just Silly?

Is this Really Necessary?  Good Idea or Just Silly?

Okay, I’m a busy mom!  Most of the time I think that I’m one of the busiest!  But is “Cut Spaghetti” really necessary?  Are there moms out there that are really just too busy to cut their kids’ spaghetti?  That 30 seconds is just too much?  Make the spaghetti dinner.  Sure.  But cut the spaghetti?!?  That’s just over the line!

Is this Really Necessary?  Good Idea or Just Silly?


I’d love to know who at Barilla made the decision to provide all those moms that just don’t have that extra 30 seconds the luxury of buying cut spaghetti (at the same price as non-cut spaghetti no less!).  Maybe they started making it because of a letter they received from a busy mom?  I would imagine the letter would be something similar to this:

Dear Barilla:

Let me start by saying, I love your pasta!  The “Al Dente” perfection is exactly what I’m looking for when I am cooking for my family.  And those over-the-top commercials when a love connection is made because of your pasta or the perfect family comes together over Barilla are great!  Probably not realistic – but creative nonetheless. 

Now that you know that I love you, I have a bone to pick with you.  Don’t you know moms are busy?  Not just a little busy.  But 24/7 busy!  The carpooling, cleaning, laundry, homework, shopping, meal making etc. keeps a mom on her toes all day long.  Now, I’m not sure why you feel the need to make a mom’s life more difficult with your pasta. 

I know that you make all different types of pastas and pasta shapes but my family is partial to spaghetti.  Good old spaghetti is the choice in our house!  You know little kids can’t eat full strands of spaghetti, right?  So, why on earth do you make the spaghetti so long?  All that does is make mom have to cut it?  Do you think we really have the time for all that spaghetti cutting?  Why can’t you make spaghetti already cut?  I’m talking cut up enough that I can serve it immediately after making it.  There should be no extra cutting necessary for moms. 

And if you do this, don’t go raising the price of the pasta because you cut it up.  I don’t charge my kids an upcharge for their dinner because I cut it.  So, don’t charge me an upcharge if you cut the pasta! 

So, this is just a friendly request from a busy mom that can’t take cutting spaghetti anymore! 


Busiest Mom in the World 


  1. Oddly enough I was wandering the aisles a month ago looking for this exact thing to make chicken noodle soup. I made it with another pasta and then spotted this the next time I was in the store and was glad to find it. But I agree, I’d cut my kid’s spaghetti.

  2. Barilla is actually Italy’s #1 brand of pasta, that’s true. But they don’t sell anything like this in Italy. There is a very small pasta, similar to micro-spaghetti, used for soups, but it’s thinner and no one would call it “cut spaghetti”. I wonder why according to them it is the american market to need this …?

  3. I was thinking the same thing Bonnie when we saw this in the store about a month ago! We laughed really hard thinking about a trash bin of broken pieces that they boxed up and decided to sell!


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