Is your foam mat safe for baby?

Is your foam mat safe for baby?

In December Belgium banned all foam puzzle mats on the grounds that they have cancer causing chemicals.  Toxicologist Alfred Bernard explained:Is your foam mat safe for baby?

“They are solvents, residues from the manufacturing process that stay in the product afterwards. They can be absorbed through breathing or through the skin. As a rule, children should not be exposed to these products.”

Most think it won’t be too long before the EU bans the foam mats as well.  Babycheapskate shared a very interesting link this morning that we thought was worth sharing with our readers as well.  SAFbaby has made a chart of the most popular playmats here in the US.  The chart details the companies response to whether their mats are formaldehyde free and if they are releasing the lab results to the public.  See the chart here.

I have a One Step Ahead mat that I adore.  Its thick and sturdy enough that I have actually made foam blocks out of the puzzle pieces.  I am hoping One Step Ahead will follow suit and release their lab results soon to ease my mind about the mats contents.

Read the full article now.

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  1. A Baby Cheapskate reader called One Step Ahead furious because they had originally told her their mats were safe. They ended up refunding her money in full..because they’re not.

  2. We have the One Step Ahead set, too! Letters and numbers but I packed it away once I saw the baby chewing on it (my oldest two never chewed on toys and things like he does). I planned to save it for when he’s out of the chewing stage but would definitely like to know the details before getting it back out. Thanks 🙂


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