It Can Wait because it’s Just NOT Worth it!

Have you done it? Are you one of the bazillions of people who have done it in the car? I admit it, I have.

I know you have heard the ad campaigns over and over about “It Can Wait” or “Don’t Text and Drive”, right? I see these people, young and old, every single day with a phone literally up in their face texting while they are driving and it makes me so furious that I want to throw things at their car. Sometimes it’s a teenager and sometimes it’s an older person whose driving skills don’t seem to be that great anymore anyway. It’s men, women, dads, moms, kids…it’s seems to be everyone at some point!

I see them swerving, drifting over the yellow line, not responding at a green light and I just want to scream “PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE DOWN!!”


Most of the ad campaigns to get our attentions are people texting and they get into an horrific (preventable!) crash. But one commercial short by AT&T grabbed my attention like no other because it brings light to the real problem. It’s not just texting. It’s a glance. A share. A tweet. A quick look at your email. A simple check of your Facebook wall at a red light. A quick post on IG. It’s ALL OF IT! It’s not just texting. It’s every time you pick up your phone while driving! Every time you take your eyes off the road.

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve done it. I’m sure you have too. We have to stop. We have to ignore that phone while in the driver’s seat. I actually wish phones didn’t even work (except for 911, of course!) in ANY vehicle when the car is in drive EVER just so that people aren’t temped to just steal a glance!

Watch the powerful AT&T short below and tell me if you agree!!

(If you want to watch the 30-second commercial that is airing on TV now.)