It’s More “Coordinating” than “Matchy-Matchy”! Would You Do It?

It's More Coordinating than Matchy-Matchy! Would You Do It?

I asked the question back in November if you would do family matching holiday wear.  You know, matching Christmas dresses on the girls and matching or coordinating vests on the boys!  Many of you said – absolutely not!  Okay, so matching Christmas attire is out but what about other times of the year?  Would you coordinate the family outfits for upcoming Easter, a wedding or possibly a family vacation?

While I was flipping through the new Hanna Anderson catalog, I came across the coordinating family apparel for the Shore Day Sale!  I’m not going to lie – a little part of me got excited about the coordinating blue and white collection for the entire family.  Remember my kids are still young enough that they would still totally go for it!  The husband?  Not so much!  But how cute we would look for Easter in coordinating outfits!  See how I said “coordinating” and not “matching”!  Maybe my husband would fall for it if I briefly mentioned we were going to coordinate  our outfits this year for Easter and never mentioned the word “matching”?   Maybe we could all wear them for the upcoming family wedding as well?  I’m not going to spring that on him in the first conversation about it though.

So, what do you think?  Would you coordinate the family outfits?

It's More "Coordinating" than "Matchy-Matchy"! Would You Do It?

It's More "Coordinating" than "Matchy-Matchy"! Would You Do It?

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  1. Definitely!! We do it all the time for parties, etc.! I am all about coordinating clothes for the family, just think how cute the pictures would be.

  2. I think it’s cute!!!! My husband wouldn’t wear a vest, but he would wear a matching tie (including PINK to match our two little girls). lol

  3. Absolutely!! My husband would refuse to match my 4 year old son but coordinating with a blue shirt for him?! Or even him wearing just the white and khaki.. Realistically my husband would never wear a vest.. I love the possibilities though and yes I coordinate or match my twin girls everyday; most days they coordinate or match their older sister and the older brother (middle between oldest sister and twins) coordinates somehow with all 3. I love these possibilities!!! Wish more stores would do this but I do pretty well myself hitting store sales and even Target.

  4. I think this kind of thing is almost expected at weddings. I also think coordinating outfits for family portraits gives it a very special look.

  5. The harder sell will be the MATCHING Mens vest to the little and baby boy. Maybe find him a solid blue to the boys vest. I love matching and coordinating, but I never have had my husband MATCH the boys exactly. We did a “brown” family portrait a couple of years ago. The boys (10-5 then) were matching, the 2 year old, my husband and my self had brown sweaters from different companies. It is a great family photo if I do say so myself! Good luck with that!!


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