It’s Not the Price, but the Thought That Counts

For the month of Decemeber, it seems as if life consists mainly of buying presents.  It’s challenging enough to come up with gifts for our family and close friends and then there’s always that added pressure of picking up something appropriate for grab bags, Secret Santas, stocking stuffers and heaven forbid being empty-handed when we receive an unexpected present from someone we hadn’t planned to exchange with.  Below are a bunch of fun stuff all with price tags $25 and under.


Don’t Make Me Blog About This Mug ($17.00)

It seems nowadays that everyone and their mother (pun included) has a blog and would enjoy displaying this mug.


There’s nothing more terrifying than becoming a parent. The I’m A Parent? Journal is filled with playful prompts and candid quotations to help assuage the challenges that parenting inevitably presents.  Makes it easier to face those inevitable uncertainties!  Featuring over 70 sympathetic quotes to enjoy.  The perfect gift for every new or expecting parent!  Measures 7 x 9.5 inches, 160 pages.  Paperback with lay-flat binding. Full-color throughout. Sassy ribbon page marker.

riotous riotBar gift set ($24.99)

This set of six riotBars is the perfect introduction to this delicious Fair Trade Certified and Organic dark chocolate collection.  60% with nibs for the cacao enthusiast, PURE 70% for that 4 PM pick me up, and PURE 85%, the intense dark you’ve been waiting for.  A flavor for every mood!  Each bar has thirty squares.  Each of the squares is ONLY 21-22 calories.

Eight Maids a Milking- Half Pint Garden  ($15.00)
The cute Half Pint Garden is an herb growing kit cleverly wrapped in a milk carton-like package. The kit includes a square, white ceramic container, peat pellets and three packs of herb seeds (basil, mint and thyme). Simply remove package, add water to the peat pellets and sow the seeds. Place on a window sill and watch nature at work!

Positivity Glass ($15)

Perfect for optimists, this fun glass is always half full. So think positive, and drink up! Marked with “Half Full,” and “Half Empty” labels, and crafted with sturdy glass. Approx. 5” tall & 3” wide

Butter & Jam Spreader$7.00

Make sure they know where their bread is buttered!  Worthy of a modern day tea party, this chic spreader is perfect for butter and jam (perhaps on a scone?) in addition to condiments and spreads.  Made in France. Dishwasher safe.

Candy Coal – 5oz ($8.00)

Everyone knows that Santa gives all the naughty girls and boys coal for Christmas, but if you’re afraid he might have overlooked someone, you can give a bag of coal yourself. The candy coal is cinnamon candy that looks like real coal, and you can always tell who has been naughty Christmas morning, since this candy will temporarily turn your mouth blue!

Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep the holidays fun!


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