Jaghoo Collection to Keep Your Bathroom Stylish (Even with the Kids!)

There is a new baby gear line to keep your bathroom stylish even with your kid’s bathroom products!

Jahgoo was founded by Dutch designer Hans Pompen, dad of three, who didn’t want his bathroom to be clogged with outdated, space-hogging eyesores. Not finding the kinds of bathroom baby products that he was looking for, he decided to design some.  And we are so glad that he did!  The Jahgoo Collection is practical, design-conscious and budget friendly bathroom baby gear. 

The Jahgoo Collection includes 5 smart bath products with simple lines that will keep our bathrooms looking great.  Let us introduce you to the new Jahgoo Collection:

Step Stool

This stylish and very stable step stool with anti-slip prevents sliding!  The stool features the perfect height for young children to reach the sink.  The step stool is available in Lime or White and retails for $14.99


Finally, a designer potty for children! This practical and ergonomically designed potty features a removable reservoir for quick and easy cleaning. The potty is available in Lime or White and retails for $9.99

3-in-1: Potty. ToiletSeat. StepStool

A brilliant and practical 3-in-1 bathroom accessory.  First and foremost, a stylish potty with easy to remove reservoir for uncomplicated cleaning.  The removable non-slip toilet seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat.  The stool can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand alone step stool.  When the child is fully potty trained, the stable step stool turns into a handy stool for all those hard-to-reach places around the house as it holds both children and adults. 3-in-1 is available in Lime or White and retails for $29.99.


This beautiful and comfortable bath for baby is the only bath that provides anti-slip both on the inside as well as the outside.  The bath is equipped with soft grips for easy carrying as well as a plug for fast draining of the water. The ergonomic design accommodates children up to 3 years. The Jaghoo Bath is available in Lime or White and retails for $29.99.

Bath Support

Baby will enjoy bath time in this sport and comfortable bath seat.  Suitable for babies from birth up to 6 months of age, the round aesthetic shape of the bath support makes it hygienic and easy to clean.  The bath support’s ergonomic design and 4 suction cups make the bath support exceptionally stable.  It can be placed inside an adult bath, shower or tub. The Jaghoo Bath Support is available in Lime or White and retails for $14.99.

For more information on the new Jaghoo Collection, visit their website HERE.  The collection is available on their website or at leading specialty juvenile products stores nationwide!