Janod Magnetibook Alphabet Review (VIDEO)


Recently one of our Baby Gizmo editors discovered a great learning tool for boosting her daughter’s spelling skills. Janod’s Magnetibook Alphabet is one of a series of magnetic games/activities which is contained in a convenient book shaped box that makes it great for at home play or on-the-go. The books encourage language, fun and creative play.

Magnetibook Alphabet (just one option in Jarod’s product offering) contains 26 different pictures and 104 different magnetic letter tiles. With pictures ranging from elephant to kite with the name of the picture printed at the top of each tile, your child will be spelling in no time while having fun.

Your child chooses a picture tile and places it on the inside cover of the Magnetibook. Then they find the letter tiles to spell out the word on the picture. Or they can use the letters to spell their own words or create phrases.

Jarod’s Magnetibooks are designed in France for ages 3-8 but they do make larger books for 6-10 years old. We love that all the magnet tiles store inside the book shaped box and has a magnetic closure. Plus, with the design of the box, you can easily store them on a bookshelf to blend in with the other books.  Magnetibooks retail for only $15 which we think is a great price.

Other Magnetibooks in the series include: 4 SeasonsCrazy Face, Vehicles, 123 Game, Moduloform, Dinosaurs, Flowers and more…


Buy the Magnetibook Alphabet on Amazon.com

Watch our Baby Gizmo Video on the Magnetibook below.