JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!

JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!

JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you JibJab! Thank you for finally creating a children’s version! Not that the Christmas Elves dancing with my children’s heads wasn’t the funniest thing ever (even to my children).

JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!

JibJab Jr. Books, the company’s first product release, turns children into the stars of the show in personalized children’s books on the iPad.

  • With a few taps and swipes, parents can easily create a JibJab Jr. book with their child’s face, name, gender and skin color, then drop them into the center of the action of a beautifully illustrated and animated tale.
  • The first book available is “The Biggest Pizza Ever”, about a kid who wreaks havoc on a town with a gargantuan pizza pie
  • The second book available is “The Alphabet Wrangler”, about a kid who has to chase the letters of the alphabet around the house after they mischievously escape from a book.
  • Available this month the “Ocean Commotion”, an underwater adventure featuring singing and dancing sea life.
  • Additional titles will be released every month!
  • JibJab Jr. for the iPhone is set to launch sometime in 2012

JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!

Each book features great stories, beautiful art, and simple, tasteful character animations. They are not hyper-clickable toys.  They are designed from the ground up to enhance the important wind-down time parents spend with their children telling stories before bed.

JibJab Jr. Books is free to download from the Apple App Store and comes bundled with one free book. Additional books are $7.99 each, or only $3.99 if a parent signs up for the book a month plan, which can be canceled at any time.  Once a book is purchased, it can be personalized an unlimited number of times for no additional cost.

JibJab Jr.’s mission is to combine great artistry and technology to help parents tell amazingly fun stories to their kids.  JibJab Jr. Books, perfect for ages 2 to 6, is the first step in making that mission a reality.

See more at JibJab Jr. and purchase in iTunes

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