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  1. Thanks for this review! Would you consider the seat back of the Scooter to be upright or somewhat reclined similar to the Britax B-Agile?

  2. Is there any recommended replacement for the bumper tray? I should be needing that very soon.

  3. Good design, colourfull and eye catching stroller, that are three words describe this Joovy Scooter. Overall great review, but I wanna looking for another reviews before deciding buy this one. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Hollie, How long is the leg drop? (I have a tall child.) Also, I had the original Scooter and ALWAYS kicked the back bar, even though I’m only 5’2. Do you kick this one? Does the button to fold it stick? The old one ALWAYS got stuck and half the time I through it in the car unfolded. Thanks for your help! (We don’t have a store around here that carries these to see in person.)

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