Joovy Qool Spotlight Video Review


Joovy has jumped into the luxury stroller market with the debut of their Qool stroller line. Available in a single and double version, the Qool is Joovy’s new, top-of-the-line stroller offerings that are stocked with luxury features.¬† We started with the TooQool review last week but this review is all about the single version!

Joovy Qool


The Qool seat accommodates up to 55 lbs and measures 13″ across with a 20″ seat back and 22″ from seat back to canopy. Since the seat to canopy length is rather short, if you have a taller toddler in the seat, you’ll probably need to keep the canopy back. A padded, adjustable, 5-point harness with a great, new Joovy buckle keeps your little one safely in the seat and the adjustable leg rest keeps them comfy. We love the swing-away, removable baby bumper bar that is covered in leatherette so there is no foam in sight on this stroller!!

One of our favorite features of the seat is the removable, washable, padded seat insert. The insert keeps your little one’s bum comfy and the fact that it is removable is great for spills and diaper blowouts.

You can recline the seat to three positions easily with the one-handed lever. Although it is a deep recline, the seat doesn’t recline completely flat so Joovy recommends the seat for 3 months and up. There will be car seat adapters sold separately to use with a newborn in a car seat. Since it wouldn’t be a luxury stroller without a reversible seat, the Qool has one of those! Your little rider can parent-face or face out at the world and it’s easy to switch by pulling up on two big buttons and flipping the seat around.

Qool Seat


Under the seat is a large, accessible basket that will accommodate a medium or large diaper bag. The basket sides are high to keep things contained and you can get things in and out easily even with the seat fully reclined. There is no other storage included with the Qool but a cup holder and a baby tray are sold separately. We’d LOVE to see Joovy include the cup holder next time!

Qool Basket


The Qool canopy is huge and we consider it full coverage because it folds down to the baby bumper bar. A peek-a-boo window on top allows you to keep an eye on the happenings in the seat.


Another feature luxury strollers can’t be without is an adjustable handle. Yep, the Qool has that too and they have taken it a step further with a leatherette handle! Fancy, right?!? Telescoping from 36″ to 41″ from ground to handle, this stroller accommodates shorter and taller parents.

Qool Handle


The Qool rolls on 9 1/2″ hard rubber wheels in the rear and 7″ hard rubber wheels in the front. The front swivel wheels can lock straight with the push of a large button on top of each to tackle all-terrain. Speaking of all-terrain, the Qool navigates “mommy terrain” very well due to the 4-wheel suspension and cantilever system, which in mom-terms means “built-in shock absorbers”. Honestly, the Qool is really easy to push. We can maneuver this baby around one-handed even with a larger toddler aboard (on smooth surfaces, of course!).

Joovy Qool Wheels



The stroller can fold with the seat attached in either direction but the most compact fold comes with the seat removed. It’s a two-handed fold system and can be done in seconds. The auto-lock on the side is great but just know that it won’t engage unless you press down pretty hard on the handle after you fold the stroller. Weighing it at just 21 1/2 lbs, the Qool is very manageable when picking up and putting into your vehicle.

Joovy Qool



Other accessories available for the Qool besides the child tray and the cup holder are an insect net, infant car seat adapters, toddler board and a rain cover. When we heard that Joovy was jumping in the luxury stroller market, we knew it would come with luxury price. Yep, the Joovy Qool retails for $549 which is on par for other stroller with similar features. We think the Qool is a really well-made, quality stroller that shows that Joovy paid attention to detail.

NOTE: This is not one of those strollers that transforms to a double. If you need a single, you get the Qool. If you need a double, you get the TooQool!