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  1. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  2. Worth price convertible with multiple options all at under 25 pounds. High flexibility a dream for going to Disney with multiple children who require different things at different times. It can be made smaller and more maneuverable when you don’t need the extra space, fold up to carry when getting on the bus with out breaking your back and still having to hold all the children. It seems to be a great solution. I have just ordered it. Have a caboose that we love as well.

  3. I agree. Joovy tried very hard to come up with something unique and creative but ended up with an expensive stroller that is not very practical and not very luxury. Joovy, if you are listening, you need to make the canopy larger and throw away that annoying sunvisor. Make the sunvisor part of the canopy, the seat should have one-hand recline with multiple positions, make the basket more accessible and larger by changing the frame design, also you should change the fold to make it less bulky. Finally please add a normal cup holder.

  4. I’m agreeing with others that this is not really worth the price tag. Really it’s only neat because it’s light and folds easy and has a board built in (and that looks like it only works for skinny kids). I think the new Navigator 2 by Phil and Teds is much better and a bit similar but w better storage, better wheels, better canopies, and less expensive even with the second seat. It’s heavier though. This seems like it’s really just for those who want something for on the go, multiple kids close in age, and don’t need storage space. Id rather just buy an inexpensive easily folded stroller with a better sun shade and an add on rider board.

  5. We just got this stroller on Thursday and absolutely LOVE it! I didn’t opt for the additional seat because my middle child is really fine with standing on the ride on board. We primarily use an Orbit (with both ride on boards), the Bugaboo Donkey (in doubles mode plus the ride on board to accommodate all three of our kids), and occasionally use a Maclaren Quest with the Buggy Board attached (primarily for airport travel). The Joovy TooFold pushes like a dream and very easily becomes a more rugged stroller simply by tipping it backwards as Holly mentions (our youngest loves that and can very easily be lulled to sleep that way…much of this is due to his personality, however). Personally the integrated ride-on board is part of what sold me about the stroller – getting into and out of the car with three kids is a chore in and of itself, so having a stroller that is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, takes up *very* little room in our trunk compared to other models, and doesn’t require me to install and uninstall a ride-on board is worth it for us! LOVE!

  6. I haven’t seen it in person but I don’t see what makes it a luxury stroller aside from the price tag. I do like the fold and I think the attached standing board is pretty cool, but it’s not that hard to attach a board to some true luxury strollers and this one cool feature doesn’t nearly make up for all the shortcomings. Not all-terrain, inaccessible basket, included “shopping bag” that can’t be used with the standing board, no calf rest/leg support, and on top of all of that it’s back-heavy. It certainly doesn’t seem like a parent OR kid-friendly design. I wonder who they had in mind when they designed this stroller. I may feel differently once I’ve seen it in person and pushed it around but based on the info I have now I’m pretty disappointed. That’s a shame because I have several Joovy products and am a big fan of their strollers.

  7. Seems to me Joovy put too much time and effort (and $) into a challenge of a stroller. It has one cool thing, but this is the drawback one other cool…. yup– a drawback. Another cool thing…. You guessed it– a drawback. It seems they had ideas for cool– but because they were starting with a previously designed stroller that wasn’t good for their inventive ideas– the fit just didn’t work out. The balance is a HUGE issue. The non telescoping handles when there would be a buggy board– ugh! the lack of recline depth– ugh. The sunshade not being big enough or attached– ugh! The non accessable backet– ugh! the lack of seat height (Why do so many companies make seat backs so low– all know we can have long torso children!) It looks like foam handles– Great to catch bacteria, get homes, wear off with age non washable etc. COOL handles that configur– but– yup a DRAWBACK! you need a tool to alter the design. I wouldn’t have even remarked– but you asked for thoughts. LUXURY strollers should be a luxury– making like easier. Luxury Stroller Price for a very flawed design. Sorry You wanted opinions.

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